A different approach to anti-immigration

Sep 24, 2020 12:36

Why do all problems with lack of skilled workers have to be solved by “stimulating immigration”, with “attracting foreigners to come and fill in the gaps”?
Don’t other countries need their skilled workers and their people across-the-board too?

What’s with all the domestic kids who leave school with a half-baked education level that are hardly good for anything more than consumption and playing with their smartphones?
Couldn’t they be the desired “skilled workers” too, if you just invested in them and reestablished a certain quality in your local public education system?
What have they been born for if everything is just about “we need immigration, we need foreigners - ‘cause we got a lack of skilled workers”?
Is that supposed to be the “glorious future” that you promised to their parents?
Are those the arguments you decoyed them with to make these kids because “we need more children that someday finance your pension”?

What was all that for if, in the end, these kids are destined to live in ruins and suffer from their lack of non-education, immaturity and stupidity, altogether with their surroundings?

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