Vaccine AND medicine

Sep 10, 2020 01:10

A critical question that slowly but surely comes to mind the longer this pandemic persists all around the globe:

Why the heck are all making the biggest fuss about acquiring a vaccine against the disease?

Arguing with the facts, no country in the world has either a reliable vaccine, nor a med or a reliable treatment against Covid-19 (the vaccine that Russia claimed weeks ago will still have to be prove if it works).
So that makes two construction sites with nothing to start with, all has to be achieved from scratch.

So why furiously betting everything on just a vaccine?

If the current studying of antibody production after an infection solidifies, it might also be there is no lasting immunity to the virus because it keeps changing steadily, like all cold and flu viruses do.
Better it would be to try to achieve both.

So... why do all desperate hopes for “getting the old way of life back” just look up to this pathway?
Is it the money which has already been invested into it?
Is it a possibly shorter development period?
Or do the investors look up to better financial gains through a vaccine than through a med?

I mean... from the point of pragmatism, there are obviously two things that nobody has - and which are deeply desired.
So let’s try to get both things.

Every handbook of basic strategy tells you that it’s always better to have more than one leg to stand on.
Don’t base everything on just one thing because you’ll be fucked if just that one thing breaks or fails.
And we’re talking about millions and billions of human lives here, not just about a mere statistic in a simulation that isn’t real.

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