++ Announcement++ - Troubles with crossposting from DW to LJ (Nr. 2)

May 18, 2020 19:51

In case the word didn't spread to some - at the moment, Dreamwidth has problems with crossposting (again - if you remember a while ago), and this time it doesn't seem like this can be fixed too soon. LJs protection mechanisms constantly block the IP addresses of the DW crossposter because of alleged failures to login with a correct password.
So, the recent radio silence wasn't on purpose from my side.
In respect to this, I have to make a decision how I keep the order in my stuff - as the troubles have been on for about a week now and a solution doesn't seem in sight so far yet.
Because most of my readers and business are here (and most of those which are present on DW also have a residence here, but not necessarily vice versa), I'll keep it that way: Fresh posts go here, the DW pendants get generated via its "import content"-function ('cause strangely this works alright).

Of course, it can be that in another week I can switch back to how I usually maintain this here - but I'm a bit tired of waiting now, a quick solution doesn't appear to be in range, and it seems like if I just kept on waiting, it would be that I had to wait for longer than the last time. You never have a guarantee that this plays out the same as last time...
So I thought this through from the back to the front and from the front to the back what's the best way how to keep it - and this seems like the most satisfying one.

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