A significant flaw in communist ideology

Feb 05, 2020 13:01

A thing that communism in the past definitely didn’t achieve - and which you could consider a task to rack one’s brains about for its adaption to the modern days and to the future: Freeing humans from the need to go working and earning money in order to finance a living.
Communism made the conditions of working takeable, even partly comfortable, for the workers, but it didn’t develop answers for a scenario when the workers won’t be needed anymore - when machines become fully able to replace them or when tasks are finished and needs for goods are covered for a while.
Last but not least, it didn’t develop an idea for when the point in time will be hit that the earth’s human population increases to such numbers that the enhancement of production won’t be good for the nature of the planet anymore as well as there will be no increase in workforce anymore proportional to the population growth because it isn’t needed for covering the demand of goods and services. (Or, in other words: Communism contains no idea what to do in case of human overpopulation - when children start getting born for which there is no task in society waiting for them when they’re grown up.)
If you still base a society upon everybody having a job to do grocery shopping and maintaining a place to live, then this is a major flaw when it comes to the future awaiting mankind now in the 21st century - overpopulation and ecological disasters.

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