++ Announcement++ - Troubles with crossposting from DW to LJ

Dec 31, 2019 01:37

Perhaps the word has already went around - Dreamwidth's crossposting feature currently has problems with Livejournal and doesn't work with that platform.
Responses in the support area speak that this is due to newly added servers, which were automatically blocked by LJ for security purposes, so it might take a few weeks until DW's developers and contributors have figured a solution to this problem to make things work like before again.

With that situation on, I'll temporarily switch over to making posts here first and then import them into Dreamwidth (which feature whereas works as normally).
- Doing it this way round is an effective way to keep doing importing content from here, but without receiving duplicated entries later, because the data banks "see" a connection between the respective entries on this platform and on DW.
Normally this "connection" would be established by crossposting from DW, but as this feature isn't available currently - and I can't afford leaving this area empty here -, it'll have to be that way until the problem gets solved over at DW...

Just for the record; so that nobody starts wondering because something seems abnormal.

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