Emanzipation of fighting

Sep 10, 2019 12:33

To link "going to war" with "dying for one’s country" is so much last century thinking ( Read more... )

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matrixmann September 22 2019, 20:07:22 UTC
I know this is how it started...
The alien thing I perceive here which I wanted to point at is: Why you pull that association still over into the present days - and make that the intellectual base for rejecting fighting and war? Why?
Armies formally fighting in the name of certain states, this is an organization form of doing war that is so much from the last century. Where do you have this form of leading war still as purely as this is theoretically thought of?
War, meanwhile, changes to a phenomenon lead by informal groups, associated with no-one firmly, pursuing their own targets - in between they do some mercenary jobs in order to acquire money.

So, with that shift taking place, there has to be a totally different view on war. It's not necessarily about "one state fighting another" anymore, the state flags lose their former meanings, it's rather about "my neighbor could go crazy tomorrow about things that I don't understand or didn't know about". Or "some unknown group invaded the place here and now we're either slave to their suppression or fight back and drive them away".

In other words: If you reject going to war in the name of your state for dubious reasons, you can do that as this can be fairly legitimate to reject serving - as politics between the different states consist of a lot of power play that is solely their own issue; it's about no practical gain for you.
But with the change of the face of war, this unconditional pacifism of the last century should receive a revision. As it's not solely about Machtpolitik of formal states anymore.
It can be as well about your own thoughtless life and that you can continue living it.


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