The unexceptional truth

Aug 17, 2019 20:29

"Wanting to protect the world climate, you have to face one important fact: Economic growth (in the Western world) still and trying to only stop the man-made destruction of nature are two things which don't fit together. They're paths running into opposite directions.
To really turn back the cogs of time in order to spare yourself and future generations the worst means you have to go back towards the living standard of the 70s of the wealthy nations and the world population has to halve at least, if you want every human to have the same wealthy living standard. Nothing going in there anymore with "I want my lovely two kids per relationship" - NO! To say it really evil: At best you even die before you get 40, and at best you didn't leave behind a child until then.
That's how drastic it is.
And the healthier people want to be personally, the less people can walk on earth enjoying it as their lifestyle.
You ask why the animals die out and keep disappearing? Think for a minute: Who conquered the living space that was taken away from them? Who occupies the space they lived in before? Seven and a half billion answers are walking out there. Human species took that territory, spreading like a virus. Where humans live, barely other animals live in anymore.
So... you get it what even more "growth" would mean for the environment, for the nature of this planet?"

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