Millennials' cross

May 12, 2019 19:40

Little reminder to all adults ( Read more... )

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quirkytizzy May 12 2019, 20:17:15 UTC
I once read a quote by G. Michael Hopf. It went:

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.'

And while I think it is better than children and people are raised in times of peace, I know that becoming too distant from things like war or genocide cultivate a kind of....cultural anesthesia. I read somewhere else that 45% of Americans can't even name one WW2 concentration camp. That's disturbing.

If we forget history, we repeat it. But if we do not create peace from that history, we also repeat it.

I don't know where the middle ground is.


matrixmann May 12 2019, 21:18:30 UTC
In general, it sure naturally would be better for children to grow up in times of piece, I guess ( ... )


quirkytizzy May 12 2019, 21:36:15 UTC
I think income inequality comes with spoiled assholes which regard it as funny to kick someone to death on the floor. And also bored kids who, like you said, don't pay attention to past atrocities.

If they did, they'd understand kicking someone isn't cool.

I sometimes think cultural boredom is both good and bad. A bored, celebrity obsessed culture (like America) isn't likely to wind up in a civil war. But at the same time, it also means we don't pay attention to real issues and that's always bad.

Is Germany that way? I always imagined Germany as less likely to forget, considering WW1 and WW2. Also they just seem like more PRACTICAL people.

I dunno about people being offended. I'm usually on the side of social justice, but lately, even I find myself kind of flabbergasted at what people get offended about.


matrixmann May 12 2019, 22:34:45 UTC
Boredom depends on the intellectual base you have in those people who feel it.
Smarter people find ways to fill that boredom with substance, people with average to beyond average intelligence usually lack the creativity to use it in a productive way. They tend to take simple destruction without a purpose as their way to fill that boredom.

I think America is very extreme in this, being obsessed with celebrities and gossip and actual trivialititesBut since Facebook and social media became popular for a wider audience, I think other areas catch up on that ( ... )


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