About the former meaning of "Liberal" and "Open Society"

Dec 07, 2018 01:06

"Liberal" and "Open Society" once were fight terms in Cold War times, which practically meant "Nazis walking around freely and shaping society too".

The creation of these two terms and turning their meanings into something that people, without trace, feel connoted as "positive" until today, while what they practically meant was morally ( Read more... )

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onb2017 December 9 2018, 20:20:34 UTC
I read something about cracking on the protests against fascism due to freedom of expression.

And also they discovered that police in California helped ultra-right to fight with anti-fa.


matrixmann December 9 2018, 21:39:52 UTC
If you're talking about America in this point - the US always had and still has its own weird point of view about "freedom of expression". They even allow those people to be who would dare straight abandoning the very core of their supposedly "free" system.

If you ask me about Anti-Fa, I don't have a really much high opinion about these guys these days. What does their association do? Plundering, setting poor-people-like-you's cars on fire, turning the town into a battlefield just for fun, and when the rally's over, they leave again - leaving behind the remains and ruins for all other people, the community, to clean up again.
These clowns - I find, you don't even need to be far-right just to oppose them and to reject their presence on events that you hold or support.


onb2017 December 16 2018, 18:09:21 UTC
Sorry, just getting to replying. Agree with you on the anti-fa. I don't see the point in destroying stuff for no apparent reason, well they do out of protest but what's the point? I think they are hard core anarchists and screwed in the head.


matrixmann December 16 2018, 19:59:23 UTC
Came to this viewpoint after hearing them also appearing on protests in the US and doing exact the same kind of activities they do here.
So that means the violence problem of the Anti-Fa isn't only a regional problem, limited to Germany or Europe, it's a general problem of the whole movement/organization.

You know, that's why there's a text in my DW community up for promo purposes dealing with this topic in RX's case as he had an attitude tending towards this.
Anit-Fa just destroys town and regards all cops as potential enemies - they don't try to build up anything alternative to the current structure, neither do they regard the cops standing opposite to them as potential allies who could fight for their cause too, if they thought it's right.
Which kind of normal society that doesn't want to live according to the rule of "the strong rule the weak" could regard these as bringers of personal gain?
I don't think there is any.


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