Jul 22, 2018 22:10

Important reminder, also for one's own well-being:

America and Europe are widely different.
So is Africa, so is Asia, so is South America and the remaining rest of the world.

Things that work in America don't need to work in Europe too.
Things that work in Africa or Asia don't need to work in America or Europe as well.

What each side should do even though is listening and understanding in order to identify problems and to pick out methods and aspects which improve each area's climate in any way.
This is a thing which should always happen in one direction and vice versa, not only just as a one-way-road.

For the comment part:
Looking at the cultural dominance of the Western circle throughout the world since WWII, all area's adapting to its standards and its behavior, adopting patterns that work for them and dropping patterns again that don't, you'd say it's time for the West to listen to these other areas and adopt those things which have a base to work in their circle. 'Cause - those other areas had to reconsider their cultural systems in order to stay alive; the West didn't make such processes vice versa in the meantime.
It still keeps hanging around stirring in its own juice and in its pool of ideas, values, standards, customs etc., trying to lecture the rest of the world how a fair and meaningful life is supposed to look like (in their view).
While, all the while, actually being at war on the inside how that's even supposed to look for the people that live in its own circle.

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