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An analogy to paint the picture in some details if the currency you pay your bills with (as a state, as a larger international region) is rejected by the major players on the international field:

It's like being completely broke. "No money, no honey.", as they say. You got money in your pocket, but the bank says "no, we don't accept that payment". Just like every business entity can declare the conditions of what they take as "payment" to settle bills at their house.
It's like you got no money at all.
What do you do in that situation?
You do the same business like every beggar - put the hat on the sidewalk and beg other people for donating money to you.
But no business entity in the world (not even to speak of a bank) gifts money to anyone.
For every service or items of value to them they hand out, they want a favor in return.
So, how do you go on?
If you got no money, you can offer a swap deal - bring anything over from your possessions that even has financial value for them. Gold, other precious metals, oil, rare earths, gems... Or estates. Or you do jobs for them. Anything that has some universal value, regardless of currencies.
Well, the catch on this strategy only is: How many possessions you want to own in order to pay with them? How much gold, oil and rare earths you want to have control over in order to sell it for pay money?
And how many jobs you want to do for them? How much work en masse - or even dirty jobs?
You do some questionable medication experiments on humans for them which wouldn't be covered by any international law? You forge some internationally prohibited weaponry or do trades to entities which are excluded from the international market? You take part in offensive wars? Or turn your whole country into a sweatshop?
How far - or, better say: How low you want to go? And, how many reserves do you have in order to continue acting this way?
Possessions of universal value have their physical limits. Services you can perform depend on fleshly limits, on the mass and capabilities of your population, if you exclude the possible moral conflicts that could arise. If not to forget: They also depend on the willingness of your population to perform the acts.

With any of that gone or meeting its ends, you can throw the method to acquire pay money to the wastebin. You're broke as ever in the eye of the bank.
No money, no honey.

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