Stolen (The place of hate)

Sep 14, 2017 17:31

...You know, where you nerd activists for the internet and admonishers of data privacy have been missing ( Read more... )

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matrixmann September 16 2017, 18:20:04 UTC
A commercial factor might be probable in there, as data are real money these days (possible business getting going or not going).
The political factor I don't know what to think about.
It looks like some desperate way to try to police what people are thinking - but, much to one's misfortune, it even works.
Not just because of data mining, but you got your own populace synchronized with that patterns of thinking and behavior that you want to have and need to receive what you want from the data mining originally. So to say, what you don't get through the data mining, this you'll get through living people because they help you in your desperate search. Because the average people are overly afraid about shit, some are hysteric, some even earn their money and a big name with it (if you're a hero, that's what possibily happens, so try to be one, right?), and others just downright assholes which want to make your life a living hell 'cause they're bored with their own lives.
All in all, result is the same - you need to face accusations of doing or planning whatever the fuck that is harming the cause of others, while you ask yourself with your common sense what the hell in sick fantasies they're drawing these accusations from.


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