Hidden structure - or: Techniques of war: Total war (final stage)

Oct 08, 2015 16:30

War techniques change from army to structural war.
No area is restricted anymore.
From finances to markets to people to food to supply to natural resources, even to patents and to environmental standards, as well as known corruption, doping, tax evasion, known connections, drug traffic, weapon sales, international fraud - all of these territories have been approved to be used to cause another fraction damage which doesn't follow the desired order.
The ones fought on shall not realize what's going on until they're very much drowning in the soup. They shall be kept at a state until it's too late to notice. And, even if they understand whose fire they're under, they shall be kept too helpless to practically do anything against the scattered fire they've been put on.
Let them sleep until they've been surrounded and until they realize there are too many fronts to deal with at one time.

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