Diversion of Germany

Nov 18, 2014 23:22

The first step to the diversion of Germany after WWII was the introduction of a new currency in June 1948, based upon a plan by Gerhard Colm, Joseph Morrell Dodge und Raymond W. Goldsmith (Colm-Dodge-Goldsmith-plan) made in 1946.
The chief of the executing special agency, which was founded by the Economic Council for the Bizone in 1947, which prepared the currency reform on the side of Germany, was Ludwig Erhard.

The second step was the London 6-Power Conference, which the Soviets weren't invided to.

The last step was, after the Berlin Blockade, founding the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) on May 23 in 1949.
The German Democratic Republic, in return, was founded on October 7 1949.

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