Jun 20, 2016 07:45

So, last weekend I had a somewhat sore back from being in an unstable position while trying to keep a box from falling, then Tuesday evening my back gave out while I was getting out of the bathtub and probably got a torn ligament. It was extremely painful, like getting a small electric shock in the back, and I almost fainted. So, that happened ( Read more... )

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epiphyta June 20 2016, 16:12:25 UTC
I'm so sorry about your back -- that particular pain is an intermittant guest with me, and it always overstays and leaves its socks everywhere.

*makes "gimme" hands at the 'sabres*

Moon would be even crankier over the fact that my immediate response to the sketch was "can't type, dead from cute", but . . . Moon's cranky face, aaaaaaaah, mad giggles were just the thing needed this morning. Thank you, pentapus!


oracne June 20 2016, 17:38:27 UTC
I'm glad you had a good time despite your injury!


queenoftheskies June 21 2016, 04:03:37 UTC
Sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you're improving.


esteefee June 21 2016, 05:06:41 UTC
I'm glad your back woes didn't ruin your con experience entirely, but I'm sorry it troubled you so much.

I hope you signed and sold a gazillion books despite.

The NASA exhibit looks amazing and reminds me of my childhood trips to the Museum of Science and Industry.

I have that very same Stargate light! I adore it so. I acquired it from from Tim of Interstait Designs on Etsy (local SF artist). I even convinced him to make me a custom Pegasus keyring. booya.


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