It's Thursday already

Apr 28, 2016 10:27

I'm sorry I haven't been posting here more often, but I've been working on the last couple chapters of The Harbors of the Sun, plus the Patreon, plus promo stuff for The Edge of Worlds, plus the usual house stuff, plus feeling kind of crappy. Hopefully I can catch up on answering comments and questions soon ( Read more... )

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neonhummingbird April 28 2016, 17:48:18 UTC
Woo, Worldcon, yay! Fun will be HAD!

Let me know if you want to grab lunch or dinner one day; I'm probably on my own for Thursday. < looks lonely and pathetic >

< checks to see if it's working >


marthawells April 28 2016, 18:29:42 UTC
Thursday might be doable! I should be getting in on Wednesday. :knock on wood:


neonhummingbird April 28 2016, 18:33:48 UTC
Cool, it'll be great if your schedule works out. :)

I've got a god-awful flight in early Thursday morning, should hit the con by about 10:30a, bus-schedule willing and the crick don't rise. Hopefully, I won't miss too much.


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