Feb 03, 2016 08:01

I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, Texas, on February 12-14. This is a great con, and this year the guests of honor are Seanan McGuire and John Scalzi.

Here's my schedule:


READING (ADAMS) Friday, 6pm: Tex Thompson, Martha Wells
(I'll be reading from The Edge of Worlds)

SaturdayPROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Saturday, 12pm ( Read more... )

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j_cheney February 3 2016, 14:31:12 UTC
Yay! I'll get to see you Saturday! (Would you be interested in doing lunch, then? Or are you already committed?)


marthawells February 3 2016, 14:40:27 UTC
Lunch would be great! I'll be there with my friend Felicia -- you may have met her at ArmadilloCon.


j_cheney February 3 2016, 14:42:31 UTC
Cool ;o) It's a date! (Yep, I've met Felicia!)


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