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I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, Texas, on February 12-14. This is a great con, and this year the guests of honor are Seanan McGuire and John Scalzi.

Here's my schedule:


READING (ADAMS) Friday, 6pm: Tex Thompson, Martha Wells
(I'll be reading from The Edge of Worlds)


PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Saturday, 12pm:
Creating your Fantasy Hero
Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), C. Dean Andersson, Tracy S. Morris, Martha Wells, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney
There are many stereotypes of hero out there in Epic Fantasy. The brawny barbarian, the wise wizard, the crafty thief and the pious cleric are all choices. Which hero fits your world that you have built? Or do you want to go counter ‐ trope and build something against the norm? We’ve put together the brains of our fantasy authors and they will give you ideas on how to build the perfect hero for your world.

AUTOGRAPHS (THE GALLERY) Saturday, 1pm: Martha Wells, Stina Leicht, K. B. Bogen

PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Saturday, 4pm:
Broke Down and Out of Gas... in Space
Panelists: Tex Thompson (M), Paul Abell, Martha Wells, KM Tolan, Chris Donahue, T.M. Hunter
Because even Furiosa occasionally gets a flat. Let's talk about all the fun you can have when spaceships break and flux capacitors blow - and how our favorite characters MacGyver their way back into action!


The Wand of Deus Ex Machina
Panelists: Kristi Hutson (M), Seanan McGuire, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Paul Black, Bradley H. Sinor, Martha Wells
Every hero has their emergency bag, or their special revolver, or their hellfire staff, or their wand. It’s as much of a signature as the clothes they wear, or the car they drive. Our writers talk about equipping their heroes, and why you shouldn’t skimp on describing them

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