friends, waffles and work...

Oct 30, 2012 21:19

Inspired by Leslie Knope and knowing than the last part of the year can be rough on us... because when we don't believe in ourselves, there's always someone believing in us...


Rules: Comment with your username and then people comment anonymously with reasons why you can do whatever you want to do. Anonymously because it's nice sometimes to be surprised and not know who's the face behind the lovely comment. After you comment with your username, go and find the names of other people you might know and leave some love (you can do it because...).
Anyone is welcome to participate and feel free to pimp and share the love and the cheer leader spirit as well.

ETA: For the tumblr peeps: Comment anon leaving your url (and the link) in the comment :) (not having an LJ shouldn't be an excuse to not participate)
ETA2: I'm sorry if your username doesn't appear right away, LJ's being evil and it marks randomly some comments as suspicious. ALSO make sure to reply to comments when you're leaving love (I can't know to whom those lost comments in the thread were written for)

meme, go grab your pom-poms

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