Butt load of icons

Jan 23, 2006 18:36

I've done Thunderbirds icons for icons100. Here are some of them and some others.

[43] Thunderbirds

[19] Stargate SG-1 [S9 Spoilers]

[8] Ballistic

[2] Harry Potter GOF

[8] CSI Miami

[6] Firefly

[6] Alias Smith & Jones

[2] The Three Musketeers

[5] NCIS

[4] ST: Voyager

[4] Misc


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stargate, firefly, csi miami, thunderbirds, ncis, alias smith & jones, icons, star trek

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madd4the24 January 23 2006, 12:58:29 UTC
I LOVE them. Seriously, they're all so pretty, I just don't know what to do with them all.

I'm taking 4,8,51,52,78,98.

Yeah ... I really couldn't decide with just a few.

Will credit when used.


lorency January 23 2006, 13:55:55 UTC
Thank you. I'm happy that you liked them. What's the fun with snagging just a few? *smirk* Don't worry I do the same all the time with everyone's elses icons.

And your icon....I LOVE IT. It looks like they're in highschool or something, doing homework...hmm...Daniel/Vala fiction with the two of them being affected with a device and sent back to school...thanks for the idea. *hug*


madd4the24 January 23 2006, 14:01:20 UTC
Icons make me happy, so I tend to take in abundance, but I also credit, because it's the only respectable thing to do.

And as for Daniel/Vala, they're my favorite right now. I love all variations of Daniel/Vala love. Hmm, if a high school plot bunny would attack, I'd be all over that, but sadly bunnies have been avoiding me lately. Go figure, when I really need a Daniel/Vala bunny, they're seemingly extinct. That's my type of luck.


lorency January 25 2006, 08:44:57 UTC
I know what you mean with the lack of bunnies. It's like my fiction ideas are away for the moment. *pout* Well...hope you have better luck then me.


twofordinner January 23 2006, 13:21:20 UTC
51, 52, 54, 56 and 62!! =D wicked job!


lorency January 23 2006, 13:53:47 UTC
Thank you. *grin*


pixie_a_la_mode January 23 2006, 13:30:08 UTC
Ohmygod they were all so funny! Heh! I have taken 45,51,53,56 and 62 I really love the Cam ones! Thank you thank you thank you!


lorency January 23 2006, 13:56:44 UTC
Thank you to you to. I'm happy that they amuses you.


grumpymagrat January 23 2006, 13:48:21 UTC
Absolutely loved them. Snagged 27 38 104 106. Thanks.


lorency January 23 2006, 13:57:55 UTC
A TB and a kitten fan. Kittens are the cutest aren't they? Oh and happy you liked them.


burningchaos January 23 2006, 13:55:35 UTC
took 51 and 54, will credit with use...


lorency January 25 2006, 08:34:20 UTC
Thanks. Glad you liked them.


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