Stargate BigBang!

Nov 16, 2009 17:25

The Stargate Bigbang went live a couple of days ago with 43 Long stories and 91 pieces of art \o/

I did 2 paintings for a story by dreamwaffles, Calling Down the Lightning. The story is an AU where magic is real, and Rodney has been concealing his powers. The world-building is fascinating, giving a darker twist on early season SGA. It's Rodney-centric, Angst & Action-Adventure in genre with a side order of McKay/Sheppard, and I really enjoyed it.

My art is here for the main piece, and here for a quick last minute sketch of Dreamwaffle's OFCs.

mischief5 and steammmpunk provided lots of beta advice on this one. Thank You, both!

I wanted to try some sequential art, so the main image is illustrating a scene where Rodney protects a village from a lightning storm. The scene is not only visually full of artistic challenges (rain, lightning, and Rodney's eyes glowing as a sign of his power), but is also one of the emotional highpoints of the story for both Rodney and John.

john, art, sga, rodney

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