Christ on a Stick!!!!

Dec 04, 2009 08:13

*Looks around this space..... Clears cobwebs away. Opens a window* Whew it's been awhile.
Yeah, I'm only making a quick stop to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a certain kimonkey7 .
Seeing your post yesterday. I just wanted to say. For your birthday we will all do the best we can if you promise
to do the same.


*shuts the window and heads back

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kimonkey7 December 4 2009, 15:14:20 UTC

Jesus. It's nice to see you. :)

I'm thinking about planning some sort of Chi-town visit after the new year. When's a good time? We should have a few drinks.



lemmypie December 4 2009, 15:43:32 UTC
Chi town would LOVE to have you. So would I. I have a futon if you want to do it on the cheap. Drinks are nice, I like drinks.
Let's do that.
Oh man I love me that Astronaut!


big_pink December 4 2009, 16:13:26 UTC
*staggers out of underbrush*



lemmypie December 4 2009, 16:30:47 UTC
look KIMONKEY!!! We got the Pink one out of hiding too!
Hey Pink! Maybe we should pull a Jack Russell all over the Monkey for old times sake.


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