A little late....But better than never

Apr 26, 2007 10:26

Last Tuesday (April 24th to be exact,) a milestone happened in my always exciting life.

Gibson Reed Turned 5.....Getting to this point has been a wild ride. His first years was  interesting, his big brother and his parents as well had some adjusting to do. For his first three months he was attached to me, a nonstop nurser. He smiled early, rolled over early and started crawling way sooner than we were expecting...He is my GO!GO!GO! baby, so different from his brother. He doesn't realize he's just a little nipper he thinks he's the same age as Spencer. We tend to forget he's as young as he is as well. He will not put up with age appropriate toys when there are Gameboys and bikes and skateboards to be had. His oldest brother is who he idolizes his parents are mere cogs in his wheel. Gibson has a clear sense of himself even at his young age. He knows what he likes and that's it, no arguing otherwise.....Please excuse the sappy moment below.

Dear Gibson,

Everyday I am excited about the miracle that is you. I look forward to your loving embrace everyday, you make my heart burst when you take my face in your little hands, and look me in the eyes. I can see your soul, your love and your future and it's beautiful. Even the chaos you create makes me smile...(usually later than at that moment)

Thank you for choosing us.

One hour after his birth.... He was born with red hair... This made me soooo happy.

5 years later taken at the exact time of his birth.... His hair is now blonde, but it still makes me happy.

PS- This would have been posted earlier but Gib got food poisoning for a birthday gift from the rat at Chuck E. Cheese.... Thanks you big old poopey RAT!!!

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