How Lucky am I

Feb 08, 2007 15:37

I'd say VERY lucky!

quellefromage wrote me TIED UP CURSING DEAN!!!! Fuck yeah!

kimonkey7 gave me pie and birthday wishes and has been tempting me with tied up dean... She's killing me slowly.

big_pink Posted part 6 of Dazzleland AND sent me a T-shirt CBC Canada ROCKS!!!! AND a Toque for my hubby so I can't taunt him and make him say toque. I also believe she gave my family large sums of money to fake ear aches and go to band practice so that I could watch Supernatural tonight.

Then the topper the icing on the FUCKING cake! Kripke and Company wrote Born Under a Bad Sign just for me, no really they did.......
(There is NO deep end and I haven't gone off it!)

Hugging and kissing and licking is required to all who have wished me Happy Birthday!

*channeling Gidget here* You like me! You really like me!

My gift to you guys.... Art man Art!

supernatural friends love babbling, birthdays

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