Crash and burrrrn.

Sep 05, 2012 00:20

I've had such an awesome happy productive week, o flist - I wrote minific for But I'm a Cat Person and Rivers of London! and  fluffy OOC Avengers - but today it all burned out and I'm feeling melancholy and morose.

So! Come distract me?

OTP meme, as stolen from everyone everywhere )

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penny_lane_42 September 4 2012, 22:58:03 UTC
2! And 9!


laeria September 4 2012, 23:28:26 UTC
2 - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind
Tyrion/Shae. In the books, this ship was mildly sexy at best and overwhelmingly depressing most of the time. Except then they cast Sibel Kekilli as Shae, who is a genius. I mean, the script also did a lot to make this ship more palatable - they common-law married in the last ep! - but Sibel's performance as a mature, self-aware immigrant woman (who also seems strangely maternal and unstable/threatening sometimes) - well, it just redefined the whole thing entirely. Her hands, Lauren, and her contemptuous looks and her berserker moments. Shae became a real character, and so the ship became real too. Here's hoping it stays real and glorious for as long as possible!

9 - Has the internet caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and whyoooh, AtS. I mean, I didn't even like it much, but I loved Cordy and Gunn - except then the internet told me all sorts of contradictory things regarding the overwhelmingly ~mature~ superiority of the show, all the while ( ... )


penny_lane_42 September 5 2012, 22:21:03 UTC
Oh, that's a great answer! Her Shae is glorious. She's genius and also so striking. I could watch her do anything. I hope she has a long career of juicy roles ahead of her!

except then the internet told me all sorts of contradictory things regarding the overwhelmingly ~mature~ superiority of the show, all the while erasing Gunn entirely... yeah, I lost interest in canon and fandom alike

I totally understand. Why is fandom so gross sometimes?


egelantier September 5 2012, 04:50:49 UTC
16 and 24 :)

(oh man, these ficlets were adorable. especially ben's. he just gets in these predicaments, doesn't he?)


laeria September 5 2012, 17:06:18 UTC
(Glad you enjoyed, love. Apparently Rivers of London is really easy to worldbuild for, you just have to find that balance between honest/respectful and nonetheless modern.)

16 - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)Avengers of Amber ( ... )


egelantier September 5 2012, 20:11:55 UTC

(man, i had such a hopeless crush on corwin. black and silver, my eternal downfall).



laeria September 7 2012, 08:22:28 UTC
Mmm, I was a pre-teen when I read Amber and Corwin basically personally orchestrated my sexual awakening. Random was and always will be my favourite (tiny apologetic cynical sex fiend who falls in deep irrevocable love with his arranged-married wife and who kind of accidentally picked up morality and empathy on the roadside), but it was Corwin's arrogance/humility/art/hedonism/honor that catalysed things for me.


thornyrose42 September 5 2012, 09:51:40 UTC
19 and 11


laeria September 7 2012, 11:07:41 UTC
19 - Show us an example of your personal headcanonOkay! Continuing with the Mickey/Martha/Tom thing above, I imagine Dr Tom Milligan's family being really old, realllly posh and richer than god. He's their only child, a disappointment in so many ways - bisexual and bohemian and ex-alcoholic; just a paediatrician instead of something more prestigious; insistent on doing pro bono work in crazy work hours and also an amateur Shakespeare actor ( ... )


thornyrose42 September 7 2012, 17:00:55 UTC
You head canon is a lot happier than my head canon concerning those three! But then mine is the fairly conventional 'Tom died trying to save the children at the African clinic he was working in, Mickey helps Martha grieve, mainly by giving her aliens to shoot.'

But I am all in favour of people sitting down and talking there relationship stuff through, it is one of my bullet proof kinks.

I too don't feel within any one particular fandom at the moment. Particularly since there is a bit of a disconnect between me and the people on my flist in squee mode about Doctor Who...

Leverage, I have watched some episodes with my parents. We mainly find the contrast between it and it's English relative Hustle amusing. The American group have fully grasped the concept of take from the mean rich and give to the deserving poor, but the British group have only partially grasped the second part and are very willing to classify themselves as the deserving poor.


laeria September 7 2012, 11:10:41 UTC
Well, and also, Leverage fandom is nice but too small for my taste and also too conservative - ie. not enough idfic.

Do you watch Leverage, dear?


local_max September 5 2012, 10:32:38 UTC
Fibonacci numbers only! (Well, you don't have to answer all of them. And you answered 2 earlier.)

Alternatively, pick perfect cubes for a shorter list.


laeria September 7 2012, 11:26:32 UTC
happily, < 26 perfect cubes are a subset of Fibonacci numbers, so I'll do those first!

8 - Do you prefer characters from real action series or anime series
Hah. Despite all egelantier's hard work, I have still not successfully watched any anime except Shaman King a few years ago. So, real action by default.

(though, I dunno, I kind of prefer the theory of anime, because yay no limits to creativity)

(though the nice thing about real-action is it's a collaboration of several kinds of talents, so that's kind of magical sometimes)

1 - Your current OTP

Hardison/Parker. A lot. Like, to the extent of weddings and babies and white picket dogs.

(I hope canon doesn't do wrong things with them. Probably not! It's nice to have a canon you can trust.)


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