I have seen the tumblr light

Sep 02, 2012 00:51

Q: what is tumblr for?

old, wrong A: keeping in touch with fandom trends; obtaining gifs; making yourself feel old even when you're not yet 23

new, correct A: stalking people who are bitching about the new Who episode.

squee-harshing spoilers )

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thornyrose42 September 2 2012, 10:40:57 UTC
I am still annoyed at the lack of fallout from the whole River is Amy and Rory's baby thing. Especially now that they have made the whole bodily violation thing worse by adding in the sterilisation. Which is just... horrible. I've kind of accepted now that Amy and Rory, as a couple, don't really do talking through there issues. So, while it annoys me in a Deal With Your Shit People way, I can also accept it as a character trait. So some sort of exploration of their reactions to what happened to Amy and their baby would have been interesting. I could have imagined Amy not wanting to go through with having another child because of the trauma associated with pregnancy, I can imagine them both worrying about whether they would be having another child to replace the one they 'lost', I can imagine Rory being hideously over protective. And even as it now canonically stands, with Amy unable to have biological children, surely they both have more complicated feelings about the idea of children than 'want but can't have'? (Also, did neither of them consider the possibility of adoption?)

Apart from my issues with that aspect, I did enjoy the episode in a fun turn your brain off ignore the Moffat issues elephant in the corner sort of way. Oswin could be fun, I read a suggestion that her name was a play on O S Windows, tiny hint that she was actually a computer.


penny_lane_42 September 2 2012, 15:27:05 UTC
I appreciate your thoughts a lot, and I completely agree.


laeria September 2 2012, 17:10:17 UTC
Oooh, your thoughts. I love your thoughts and they are similar to mine. What I've commented over on DW:

I was okay, ish, with the divorce - you're right that original BFF Amy and Rory would have talked it out. But post-S6 Amy and Rory had spent the two previous years of their lives in various states of trauma, suffering and grief, and they never even got to talk about it (at least, not that we've seen), and probably they're in a state of lalalala ignore-all-the-things we-are-so-happy. Meanwhile, if Amy, who had gone through forced pregnancy and then had her baby taken away like it was no big deal, discovered she could have no more babies (well, no more pregnancies, you know, no chance to do it over but awake this time), it would fuck her up. And then she'd kind of vaguely blame it all on Rory, because she still unfairly associates him to this normal, expected, gender-confirming white-picket life.

... except a proper writer would have taken this opportunity to give them a grand fight, let Rory remind her that he's not actually a symbol of Stepford wifehood, let her re-evaluate their marriage and discover all the lingering resentment and let go of it. Or, even, decide she cannot work it out and separate, but without blaming Rory's imagined paternity-yearnings for it.

Instead? We got a ~~divorce~~ with a cheap lol-not-really, which really is exactly like killing Rory, and I hate it.

So basically I am going to make this good-faith assumption that the decision to give them this angst was kind of the solution to my EMOTIONAL FOLLOWUP TO THE MELODY MESS howling. It was just done badly, and it was resolved very badly.

(also, OS Windows! I like that! I hope there's going to be a character called Linux at some point...)


thornyrose42 September 2 2012, 17:39:59 UTC
I don't know that Amy and Rory have ever really done talking things out. I definitely recall yelling a lot in season five because they weren't talking to each other about their relationship. Instead Amy was kissing the Doctor and Rory was being passive agressive. In fact one of the first things we see of their relationship is evidence that they don't tend to communicate, Amy describes him as her 'sort of' boyfriend.

But apart from that, yes, it basically boils down to, this shit is complicated, and rather than acknowledge those complications and appreciate the opportunity to do some character exploration, Moffat just... blah.

So... waiting for the next show runner to step in I guess.


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