I have seen the tumblr light

Sep 02, 2012 00:51

Q: what is tumblr for?

old, wrong A: keeping in touch with fandom trends; obtaining gifs; making yourself feel old even when you're not yet 23

new, correct A: stalking people who are bitching about the new Who episode.

I know I've said this before, but I have finally reached equilibrium; I can now watch only for the delight of grudge-wanking and let myself be pleasantly surprised when I like stuff, rather than depressed about the loss of my shoooow. My show is dead. I have come to terms.

Anyway! "It was a phase". Oh my god.

Daleks do parliament? Daleks have concepts like insanity? I mean, I am all for rewriting the existing mythos, but I kind of feel like a new race would have been better here. Sontarans! A secretly souffle-obsessed Sontaran companion would have been awesome.

I did like Oswin! I want her to not even get involved with the Doctor, and go date Eliot. They can cook and get into lesbian bar fights together. "It was a phase." Moffat does this thing, you know, where he ~believes in (female) liquid sexuality, and that's nice! It's awesome! Except then it gets played for shock/titillation/a punchline, and promptly forgotten. Unless she runs off with Amy. Most of my grudge would be absolved by that.

Amy! I loved the divorce, but then that got ruined. If she magically becomes fertile, I will collapse in flames. I do wish they'd adopt though. They like the perfect fairytale parents to any glum ten-year-old orphan.

In conclusion, this ep was actually not that bad, except for when it was horrible. C+, more Oswin please!

Feelings, flist? Feels, even?

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