Aug 15, 2012 20:55

1. So I have finished all of Leverage, and I am enamoured entirely. What're your opinions on this season? Also, I am writing three separate Hardison/Parker idfics and trying and desperately failing to think of a good ship for Eliot. ETA: Or, also, a good adopted child. Does anyone have a fandom with lots of unhappy orphan types?

2. Has anyone read Team Human? I'm lazily re-reading and noticing all the flaws (Anna and Ty, mostly), but also really really enjoying the worldbuilding.

3.  meme time, because I've been plenty ~creative~ but utterly distractable lately:

1) Give me a fandom plus character/pairing, and FIVE one-word
2) I'll see if I can write you five one-sentance ficlets based on them

Stolen from icarus_chained !
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