welcome to the playground | ARCANE free-for-all Prompt-athon (round i)!

Nov 27, 2021 10:46

This clearly didn't take, so I've sort of let it go. But feel free to post prompts if you wish to, it can always be resuscitated if there's interest.

Arcane is maybe the best fictional thing to happen this year! And some of us really wanted a space to celebrate that, celebrate and encourage fan works, and just generally appreciate the show! Thus...


rules are simple:1. leave a prompt (one per comment)

E.G. character / relationship / friendship (gen/all/anyone or singed/jayce or the council) etc., prompt (nuclear season, a song lyric, a poem, a sentence prompt, an AU scenario, a wild crossover, kink, whatever, GO WILD!)

2. fill a prompt (reply to the prompt)
in the subject line put title - character / pairing - rating + any warnings (!!!)
link to your story or post it in the comment body
there are no limits here | you can prompt whatever you want, including wider league 'verse, crossovers, crack ships that no one would ever dream of etc. | you can write a drabble of 50 words or 50k fic | you can make fic / art / fanmixes / videos / meta | you can fill a prompt that's already been filled | you don't have to have an LJ account to participate and can prompt+reply anonymously | If you're confused or unsure, just click the ficathon tag to see how we do this other times.

feedback is queen (support your fandom creatives) & be kind to everyone & HAVE SOME BLOODY FUN!

concerns / questions / feelings / flail HERE

PLEASE SHARE this far and wide (i made ugly art HERE, BUT feel free to make your own and link me so i can reblog) - WE ALL WANT lots of content to keep us alive over the next two years, while we wait for season two to drop.

tag your fic in the AO3 collection or with #arcaneprompt on Tumblr!
Find me on tumblr @edomeilair / magalimoons and ao3 @manticoremoons

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