shadowhunters prompt ficathon ROUND 4!

May 17, 2018 11:11

here we go again, friends! roll up your sleeves, dig out your pencils, and let's get ready to rumble....

Welcome to Round 4 of the Shadowhunters Free-for-all Prompt Ficathon!!!
Rounds I, II and III were epic, if I do say so myself! Click the links to enjoy 250+ stories or whatever the number is. 3A has just finished, and we have 90 days of agony to get through to see what happened. Let's use that time wisely with fic!

You must know the rules by now but for the newbies, here we go:

- any length (seriously, 100 words or 50K, we will gobble them all up)
- any ship (canon, non-canon, cracktastic, cross-overs) any, even if fandom doesn't 'approve' of it
- any rating (smut, fluff, gore, whatever floats your boat)
- any genre (the world is your oyster)

how to participate:
you can leave a prompt (one per comment, pls)
character / ship (e.g. gen or magnus+asmodeus or simon/heidi), prompt or an idea (e.g. simon goes on the run with heidi after killing his mother; edom rising; song lyrics; whatever!)
- note: prompt until your heart stops basically, there can never be too many.
you can FILL a prompt
reply to the prompt comment with the title (in the subject) and details in the body of the comment (title, character/pairing, rating + warnings, and LINK).
- note: you can post the story in the comment OR on ao3 OR on tumblr OR wherever. just make sure we can all read it.
- on ao3 TAG it into the ficathon collection; on tumblr TAG with shadowhuntersficathon4 or shficathon4.
- make sure you do leave a link to it here, so i can add it to the list etc.

remember, if anyone claimed a prompt you like, you can write for it too! AND you can make anything you like if you don't write fic i.e. ART, FANMIX, FANVID, META, whatever inspires or excites you!
also, if you want to fill in prompts from the previous three rounds, feel free to scour those too. there are some goodies!


leave feedback to creators
this will go on till the end of the year, so come to just flail over the show if you're not interested in writing/making fanworks, all feelings are welcome!

questions, holler at me here.

if you want to make promo art for this (you can see this is not my forte), please add some here.

a running list of all fills will be kept here.

ao3 collection

shadowhunters, ficathon, tv: shadowhunters

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