shadowhunters prompt ficathon ROUND 3!

Aug 18, 2017 01:55

So it's that time of the year, folks. The show's going on a long arse hiatus and we all need to cope somehow!

Welcome to Round III of the Shadowhunters Free-for-all Prompt Ficathon!!!
Rounds I and II were epic, fam. We all managed to write over 200 stories - maybe 300 + amazing art and a couple mixes. I don't know, the number's huge. And needless to say the show has only gotten BETTER which means we need to keep generating fan works (ancient legend AND law states that a fandom is only as good as its creative output, SO).

You must know the rules by now but for the newbies, here we go:

- Any length (seriously, 100 words or 50K, we will gobble them all up)
- Any ship (canon, non-canon, cracktastic, cross-overs)
- Any rating (sometimes one wants smut, sometimes one wants kid-friendly fluff, sometimes one wants a whole lot of violence and blood - get you a ficathon that delivers on IT ALL!)
- Any genre (the world is your oyster)

How to play:

STEP 1: Leave ONE prompt per comment
Character / Ship (e.g. gen or Raphael/Camille), LE PROMPT (e.g. super spies; a song lyric; some long scenario; whatever you want)

Tip: Prompt until your heart stops basically, there can never be too many.
STEP 2: FILL a prompt
Just reply to the prompt comment of your choice. Make sure to put in the comment header the Title - Character / Pairing - Rating + any warnings
Then paste a link to your story in the body OR post the whole story in there!

Make sure to tag the AO3 if you're posting over there OR on Tumblr tag shadowhunters ficathon so I can find you! But you can post wherever you like, just make sure you reply here so we know!

Tip: if someone else claimed a prompt you're digging, you can write for it too!
Another one: you don't have to do fic as your fill. You can make a fanmix. Or fanart. A fanvid. META. Or anything that tickles your inspiration buds.
One more: there are so many great prompts in the first two round that remain unfilled. Feel free to fill those, just be sure to bring your fill to this post so I can add it.
OH, AND BTW: if you're not LJ, you can still comment and prompt anonymously on this post without creating an account :). And if you're super-shy and want to fill a prompt here, go ahead and do it on anon even if you do have an LJ account!

REMEMBER: The party doesn't end till we say it does. Feedback is QUEEN - even if you're not filling prompts, please encourage your fellow humans who are.

Concerns / Questions / Worries / Feelings - hit me up HERE.

If you want to contribute some art to this shindig (you can see this is not my forte), please add some HERE. I'd kindly appreciate you sharing about this love-fest far and wide so we get more participation, thanks in advance :)!

I'll be doing a list of fills HERE as well.



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