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Mar 12, 2017 16:08

So, The Vampire Diaries is over.

Honestly, I cried a few times yesterday watching the finale. I'm not entirely sure why, I quit this mess a few times, I've only watched the last season intermittently via YouTube clips for the most part. But, man, that finale - even with its contradictions and bizarreness - DID ME IN.

Took me right back to the first time I watched the show, way back when, as a means to help me get over Smallville finishing. I remember watching ten episodes in one night, and immediately coming to make a big old post here to share my excitement.

At the time, I was a big Damon and Stefan fan (LOL), Caroline, and everyone really (except Matt, he can and must always choke!) but from the moment I saw Bonnie driving herself and Elena to school, I FELL and I FELL DEEP. There aren't many characters that I cry for the way I've cried about Bonnie Bennett over the years. SO, OBVIOUSLY THIS SCENE DESTROYED ME:

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This show, really, in sum was a great disappointment. So much lost potential. But, I'll always have a soft spot for all these characters I fell in love with eight years ago. And some of my best, most creative and fun fandom years were spent with The Vampire Diaries. All the fic, and picspams, and fan mixes, and ficathons - what a time! (I won't talk about the fucking annoying parts of fandom because good god there were many but LJ was relatively safe for me in that regard throughout, thankfully).
Anyway, if anyone's around, let's talk the finale, or reminisce about our favourite moments over the years, or most LOL-worthy moments. Or the infuriating ones, because damn. Also, retrospective videos ftw.

And join me in heaving a great sigh of relief because THANK BLOODY GOD IT'S OVER!

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