a show of intensely stupid characters. bless.

Mar 07, 2017 21:22

LOL, so the show giveth, and it taketh away (but not the way I feared) and giveth again! I don't care because THIS HAPPENED:


These two with their charming and sometimes disturbing and strange intimacy, and a canon asexual Raphael who is a romantic, who has feelings for Isabelle, who wants a relationship (of some sort). AND SHE HAS FEELINGS TOO! Vague and undefined as they are. Even if they end up as friends, I hope we get some more (if only to piss the cockles off this self-righteous and entitled little fandom). I feel like these two, even when the writing is clumsy, feel like a couple that belong to a different show - or like they should be on a BETTER show that would take them srsly on some level and not just a preamble to Sizzy or something. But I'll take what I can get.

This episode is pretty good if you don't look at anything too closely. Which is my strategy with this show henceforth. Mostly.

Other points of interest:
  • A shitload of downworlders died. And. No. One. Cares (unless it's people they're personally familiar with???). If shadowhunters don't face a full-on rebellion from half the downworld in 2B, I'm writing an angry letter (or angry fic). The seelie queen alone is about to demand several heads.

  • (x)
  • I counted a good 5 opportunities to straight up chop Valentine's head off and no one killed him???? All because of the mortal cup??? Which they could track, surely???? Bullshit. Nothing worse than making characters look incompetent and stupid to make an already half-baked villain stick around. Clary left that mortal sword on the ground...? Really?
  • Luke is kind of the worst alpha ever???? Here's to Maia's seasons-long arc into becoming the alpha the New York pack deserves. Also, if the show was consciously writing Luke as someone who hasn't let go of all his shadowhunter superiority, I might respect that. But I'm not sure I should be reading that way.
  • MADZIE WINS EVERYTHING. Look at this baby:

  • (x) PROTECT HER.
  • MAGNUS, is wondrous. But also I just find the ways in which all his priorities are often  funnelled down to Alec or Clary super-troubling/annoying. And I know most are into it bc ~MALEC~ but it's also like eh, he's the High Warlock, surely his concerns should encompass a little more? And I'm sure they do (or at least Magnus at the start of season 1 would) but the show doesn't give us a sense of that outside of Dot (yay!) UNTIL he gets to save Madzie, which was all kinds of lovely. TL;DR - I think in my head Magnus is a character that still possesses the sense of self-preservation and cunning that has kept him alive all these years alongside falling irrevocably and foolishly in love with this beautiful shadowhunter, and opening his heart to his little circle of friends. And I'm not sure why these things cannot coexist visibly onscreen? Are they there and am I just being nitpicky?
  • Speaking of, Clary's One Special Girlness is going to get annoying isn't it? Hint: it's already annoying, and will get moreso and I quite like Clary. I almost miss s1 salty Alec if only because he was one of the characters that at least questioned Clary on the regular. Everyone often becomes irritating if not downright nonsensical to protect Clary's interests. Everyone thinking it's even vaguely sane for Clary to show up at the institute and put the lives of millions at risk in order to save ONE character: Simon, like sorry but no (pretty manipulative of the show tbh, sexism means that her rushing to save Simon is something the fandom would celebrate and welcome, deem 'brave' and right, whereas if characters were jeopardizing that many people to save Clary, there'd be so much more of an outcry).
  • I am half spite-shipping Clary/Simon. Primarily because they're so sparkly; this fandom is the worst and Jace is truly bearable when he's pining. POLYAMORY, the show basically handed this ot3 to us on a platter, and I'm all for it. Loved the little Jace-growl Kat did as Jace!Clary, otherwise you couldn't tell the difference - which means, I suppose, Jace spends a lot of time watching Clary and how she moves. Someone ought to write that fic.
  • MAIA! I need more of her as always, I need more of her distinct point of view and her pushing back against Luke and all these flops. Anyone who beats Jace up deserves an award.
  • Isabelle remains everything.

  • (x)
  • Possibly too soon for I love yous? WHATEVER. Forehead touching, eskimo kisses, death-grip hugging, life-affirming kissage - I'LL TAKE IT! I don't feel compelled to write huge amounts of meta about these two, it's kind of all there on the page so far, structurally it's mostly really lovely, so - apart from my gripes. AND I GOT GRIPES. But I'm not in a mood to bitch about it yet, let's see what happens in 2B.


your thoughts, feelings, whatever.

also is anyone else besides eccentricsimply and i watching 'the expanse'? and who is watching riverdale??

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