we need to talk about shadows who hunt... or something

Feb 28, 2017 17:54

Okay, so I need somewhere to wail about this silly little show that won't steadily drive me to drink i.e. Tumblr.

I need to watch the episode again because I saw (most of it) this morning while still mostly delirious and in-between getting ready for work, and missed several scenes.

H O W E V E R, I did not miss this magical (and fucked up!) wondrousness:


;LKASJ;FLAKSF;LKASDF DISCUSS (if anyone's here)!
(and we can discuss other things obviously and discourse away but pls, we need to talk about the above)
i'd like to hear your:
- favourite scenes
- level of annoyance with X character
- whether or not you now consider tamales to be hot or not. (raph is possibly ace but i will enjoy this strange intimacy for what it is)
- anything else that struck you about this 2.09 mess

shadowhunters, discussion, cries in bloodlust

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