Shadowhunters Prompt Ficathon Round II

Dec 28, 2016 15:41

It's that time. What time, you ask? The time to get your laptops or pens out and immerse yourself in the delightful and ridiculous world of Shadowhunters!

Welcome to Round II of Shadowhunters Free-for-all Comment Ficathon!

Round I was an EPIC blast, thank you again to all the incredible authors and artists who contributed over 100 stories and art. But we're on to a new season and it's time for a new round to get those creative fingers flexing.

The Rules of Engagement:
- Any length (seriously, 100 words or 50K, we will gobble them all up)
- Any ship (canon, non-canon, cracktastic, cross-over)
- Any rating (sometimes one wants smut, sometimes one wants kid-friendly fluff, sometimes one wants a whole lot of violence and blood - get you a ficathon that delivers on IT ALL!)
- Any genre (the world is your oyster)

How this works:
1. Leave a prompt!
- Make sure to leave one prompt per comment.
- Your prompts should look something like this - Character / Ship (you can just say 'gen' or 'any pairing' if you don't care about it being focused on a pairing or just don't mention the pairing at all; or you can do polyamorous combos, whatever floats your boat!), Prompt (this can be a song lyric, a word, a potential scenario ). EXAMPLES: Magnus / Isabelle / Rafael, Cold War spies OR Simon & Clary + Luke & Jocelyn, we ain't ever getting older OR Jace, 'I know none of you believe me but I have decided to quit the Clave life and follow my true calling as a monk', OR Alec/Magnus, AU 1.12 - he goes through with marrying Lydia OR Raphael & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer series crossover), there's a joke that starts like this - 'two grumpy vampires walk into a bar...'
- You can prompt crossovers with other fandoms, book characters from the TMI series, whatever! Just leave as many prompts as you like - the more the merrier!

2. Fill a prompt!
- Reply to the prompt comment of your choice.
- In your comment header put in: Title - Character / Pairing - Ratings or any squick warnings
- Paste the fic or a LINK to the fic in the BODY of the comment. You can feel free to post stories on AO3, Tumblr, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, wherever as long as people can read it.
- If you're posting on AO3, make sure you put it in the Ficathon Round II Collection so we can see all this fic in one place there as well.
- Some IMPORTANT Notes: If someone else has claimed a prompt, you can write for it too! Remember, if someone highlighted a pairing - you are free to make it romantic or platonic as you like, follow your muse. Some people might be super-specific and say 'non-romantic' and that's fine but if your spirit is telling you to make it romantic, then do so. If you get a single character prompt, write whatever you want but make sure they're featured!

3. How else to be part of the awesome??
- If writing isn't your thing. PLEASE fill prompts through art or fanmixes or videos or C meta or any other creative endeavour you're into!

What else:
- If you're not on LJ, you are still welcome and able to comment / prompt / fill / participate
- FEEDBACK IS QUEEN - this is just as important a level of participation as the above. Everyone will appreciate it 100%
- Please leave clear warnings if you are writing / creating something that may have potential triggers!
- When will this end? When we say it end. It could go on till we're tired. (I mean, for all I know, only one person: me will participate) In other words: indefinitely.
- Anymore questions, holler here.

List of Fic Fills Here (I'll update when possible, if I miss your story - nudge me)


Any promotional art you're willing to share so others can share this far and wide, link it or post it in reply to THIS comment!

T H A N K     Y O U!

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