Shadowhunters Free-for-All Comment Ficathon Round I

Feb 24, 2016 14:25

Shadowhunters is a brand new TV show based on The Mortal Instruments series by She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And yes, it got off to a rough start, but it's steadily becoming the amazing (if slightly ridiculous) teen supernatural TV show we wanted. BUT, a thing the show is desperately in need of? FAN FICTION.

In order to put my money where my mouth (and endless tagging) is, I propose a free-for-all comment ficathon. If you're excited about the show and want to play with your favourite characters but haven't found the inspiration to write -- this is the place for you. Whether you write 100 words or 1000 or a 20K epic! This will go on for a while because there's so much to write about and if people are into it, I or someone else can start a round two (I hope someone's into it, or else, awkward).
So let's DO THIS-: ANY ships, ANY characters, ANY rating, ANYTHING, the world is your oyster....

!!SPECIAL REQUEST FOR FIC WRITERS: PLEASE TAG YOUR STORIES AO3 INTO THE SHADOWHUNTERS FICATHON COLLECTION? If you just type 'Shadowhunters Ficathon Round 1' or 'ShadowhuntersFicathon' it will come up in the Collection box when you edit or post a story. You can do so retroactively as well so people can find the stories more easily! Thanks.!!

1. How do I prompt?
Leave a comment on this post with a PROMPT (each new prompt must be a NEW comment) that looks like this:

Character (s)/Ship (specific ship optional, you can say 'gen' if you don't care) - Prompt (this could be a song lyric, a line of poetry, a word, quotation from the show or any show/film, something more specific, an AU scenario that you're into e.g 'coffee shop' 'spies' 'Greek mythology', 'soulmates', whatever floats your boat basically)
example 1 and 2
*You can leave as many prompts as you want, the more the merrier. Go to town!
*Can I prompt characters from the books that aren't on the show yet? Yes, you can, but be aware that not everyone knows them and the show isn't following the books to the letter, so you may not get what you ask for. And this is a fichathon to really encourage people to get INTO the show given that it's just started. That said, I would KILL for some Tessa/Jem in the present day fic so please, do as you wish!
*You can also do crossovers with other fandoms if you want E.G. I'd kill for a Magnus and Cordelia Chase story.

2. How do I fill a prompt?
Reply to the prompt of your choice and your reply to the prompt should follow this format:
Title - Character (s)/Ship - Rating and any warnings (in title section of comment)
Write your fic in the body of the comment or share the link to wherever you prefer to publish your story.
*If an already-filled prompt calls to you, feel free to go ahead and write for it too.
*Also, if you claim a prompt that has a particular pair of characters or threesome, you are free to write them as romantic/non-romantic/whatever depending on how your story works. If you claim a prompt that focuses on a single character, go where the muse takes you but feature that character as much as you can.
*Remember to reply to the actual prompt comment.

If you prefer to post your fiction on AO3 or elsewhere, please reply to the prompt with a link and all the relevant information so we can all enjoy it!

Other ways to participate?If you're not in a writing mood, you can also share art or fanmixes or anything else that strikes your fancy!

3. Should I worry about anything (length, tense, format etc.)?
  • Nope, not a bit. There are no restrictions on length, you can write a 50-word drabble or a massive tale if the muse strikes you. All tenses, styles allowed and if you have a yen for poetry-fic, that's allowed too. Humor, smut, romance, crack!fic, gen-fic, character studies, whatever floats your boat. Be creative and have fun!
  • If you're not LJ, you can still comment!
  • If you're going to prompt/write something that may have serious triggers - please place a clear warning in the heading of your comment. Thanks!
  • Feedback is awesome. Truly, even if you don't write anything and are here for the ride.
  • Anymore questions? REPLY here.

Have a blast! And please PROMOTE this far and wide because we want lots of new stories to keep us going in the long waits between episodes! Tumblr post for this HERE, please reblog or make your own.


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