10 Years of Smallville Comment Ficathon

Feb 27, 2011 14:35

10 Years of Smallville Comment Ficathon

Why are we doing this?
Inspired by a Smallville re-watch, the final season, and seemingly endless nostalgia for a show that's been a part of our lives for ten years now, this ficathon celebrates everything and everyone Smallville and is open to every single character, every possible pairing (canon and non-canon), threesome, friendship, romantic ship, platonic ship, crack!ship, random - whatever you want it to be. Really hoping for some Bechdel fun in amongst the awesome ;)

This follows the usual ficathon style - someone offers up a prompt in a new comment and someone else/or the prompter replies to that prompt (comment).

How do I prompt?
Prompts should follow this format each one in a NEW COMMENT (I.E. Click 'Post a new comment' - sorry that wasn't clear):

Character (s)/Ship (specific ship optional) - Prompt (this could be a song lyric, a line of poetry, a word, quotation from the show or any show/film, something more specific as a request but not too specific so people have room to breathe, whatever floats your boat basically)

Clark/Lex - don't ever look back
Lois Lane & Oliver Queen - Showgirls
Bart Allen - speeding bullets
John Jones and Kara Kent - memories
Martha/Jonathan - sunrise, sunset
Lana Lang - if I could have one wish, if I could have some say
Martha Kent & Lionel Luthor - under your skin
Lois Lane, Tess Mercer, Chloe Sullivan - we like to party
Gabe Sullivan - waiting room blues
Pete Ross - returns to Smallville for Clark and Lois' wedding and finds himself in for a surprise
Lois Lane - whoosh!
Carter Hall/Shayera Hall - seasons turn
Chloe Sullivan - shutting down so cold you are breaking
Dr. Fate - freedom is relative
Alicia/Clark - we don't get two lives to live
Amanda Waller - between a rock and a hard place
Emil Hamilton - jailhouse rock

*There are NO limits on prompts you can give - in fact, the more, the merrier - just be sure to make a separate NEW COMMENT for each so people can respond. And if you do prompt, you are NOT required to write anything.

How do I respond/fill a prompt?
Reply to the prompt of your choice and your reply to the actual comment should follow this format:

Title - Character (s)/Ship - Rating (in title section of comment)

*If a filled prompt calls to you, feel free to go ahead and write for it too. No limits on fills.

*Also, if you claim a prompt that has a particular pair of characters or threesome, you are free to write them as romantic/non-romantic/whatever depending on how your story works. If you claim a prompt that focuses on a single character, go where the muse takes you but feature that character as much as you can.

*Remember to reply to the actual comment.

Should I worry about anything (length, tense, format etc.)?
Nope, not a bit. There are no restrictions on length, you can write a 50-word drabble if inspiration hits or a 4-comment length fic if the muse strikes you. All tenses, styles allowed and if you have a yen for poetry-fic, that's allowed too. Humor, smut, romance, crack!fic, gen-fic, character studies, whatever floats your boat. Be creative.

*If you're going to prompt/write something that may have serious triggers - please place a clear warning in the heading of your comment. Thanks!

Can I use characters from other Superman/DC-verse, other verses?
Go ahead, cross-over fic is welcome just as long as there is at least one character from the SV-verse included.

Do I need to have written before to participate?
No way! Anyone who likes to play with these characters can join in, that's the fun.

How do I promote?
geek_or_unique  has kindly offered to make banners for us, see above and below. Go ahead and share with friends if you like or post on your journal! If you're an artist and would like to promote/share your art - make a video - please go ahead!!!

Will there be an archive?
Yes, I'll archive these on this post for now and set up an alternate archive, probably on Delicious.

What this is not?
A time for bashing or whatever. I know we are a passionate fandom with a lot of history, if you virulently dislike a pairing or character, just skip over the fic and move on or read and enjoy, yes? Wunderbar.

Filled Prompts:

judyku : Flirt the Skirt (Chloe Oliver)
ladygawain : make some noise & no one ever said it was easy (the first is Clark/Lois, the second Connor and Lois)

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