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Jun 21, 2015 21:38

If you really want to subject yourself to my stories then knock yourself out there are many doozies. Many. MANY. It is what it is, I suppose. Have fun.

P.S. I really am the laziest person on the planet so the transplanting of fic from this journal to enfantefatale. is woefully behind. You can also see some of my fic on my AO3 account.

One Direction

in me, you can (pacific rim au), Zayn Malik/Harry Styles + loads of other ships
It's 2064 and the world is a scary place. The kaiju have returned, and the humans have marshaled their defenses to fight once again

yes, your highness, Zayn Malik/Harry Styles
Zayn is a grumpy knight who's grown tired of the endless grind of war. When the offer of a job to escort the prince of the realm to his ancestral home in time for his betrothal arises - and the pay is enough to set him up for a life of leisure, he takes it with open arms. He doesn't count on Prince Harold being the clumsiest, most infuriating, trouble-mongering creature with a certain death wish he's ever had the misfortune to meet...


ivory tower, Chloe/Oliver
He wanted to see her come apart; all that tightly-bound control unraveled before him, beneath him, around him.  NC17

crossing the lines, Chloe/Oliver
“And you couldn’t - I don’t know - use one of those handy little lock picks you carry around with you?” she griped, “You know, you being the Green Arrow bandit and all?” NC17

dark matter, Chloe/Oliver
The dark place isn’t somewhere far away; it’s locked up inside of him, deeper than all those tangled arteries and veins - in a place she can’t reach. NC17

the end of dreams, Chloe/Oliver
Jimmy was never the love of her life. She knows that now.  NC17

the devil makes us sin, Clark/Lois (Luthor)
She’s a reporter. She’s probably the best the Planet will ever have. If there’s a scoop, she’ll break it. But not this one. “No, your secret life is safe with me.” NC17

a persistent illusion, Clark/Lois
Kissing Lois is like falling. Or perhaps the closest thing to flying. R

bleacher dreams, Clark/Lois
Sex in Clark’s truck is not the most comfortable or practical of things. NC17

twelve themes drabbles, Clark/Lois
“How come you always get to be ‘top banana’?” PG - NC17

more drabbles, Clark/Lois
Clark has never wanted to murder a single thing more than he does that Blackberry. PG - NC17

stormy weather, Clark/Lois
She always accuses him of being too cautious. And it’s true. He might have impenetrable skin but she’s the brave one. Where he hangs back, she leaps blind. NC17

the trouble with country air, Clark/Lois
Lois isn't sure whether to burst out laughing or yank the plastic drapes back with a loud, "Smile, sucker, you're on Candid Camera!" or just walk away and pretend she's never, ever contemplated the possibility of Clark Kent-. NC17

beauty in the night, Clark/Lois
You can hear the scuff of shoes sliding off feet; a murmured conversation in the dark; the rattling cough of some small child; the creaking springs of an old bed; you can smell the layers of sweat and old blood on a stranger's clothes; see blurry silhouettes lumbering behind the thin cloth. NC17

blood shadows, Clark/Lois
Dull, rust-colored rays scatter across a wasted land; field upon field of dry, cracked earth and abandoned homes; over-turned cars and ravaged roads; a space full of a mysterious and terrible violence. NC17

sunrise beat, Clark/Lois
She’s never been one of those girls, the kind that pin everything on getting a ring on their fingers. NC17

Ficathon Fills
no one ever said it was easy, Lois & Connor
Let's resolve these awkward silences, shall we." either 'Scion' missing scene or 'Scion' post-episode, PG

make some noise, Clark/Lois, Connor
Clark, Conner, Lois - life on the farm, NC17

those old theater shoes, Tess/Emil
So she finds herself here now. Well-past the age when a grown woman should blush at the feel of a hand slipping around her shoulders, or hold her breath when a man whispers some amusing comment about some asinine movie in her ear, or bite her lip at the slow circle his fingers are making so casually on her left arm - and she’s doing all of those things. It’s absurd. PG

of pearl stitch that one afternoon, Martha, Clark/Lois bits
She really hadn’t ever thought she’d be the kind of grandmother who took up knitting to while away the time. PG

think of the neighbors, honey, Clark/Lois
“Well, ma’am, I’m afraid we got a call from at least two residents in this hotel about a possible animal disturbance in this -” he peered at the door, “- in room 755.” R

gathering sand, Lois-centric, Clark/Lois
It’s a strange process. Molding and folding grief, a collective grief, into neat little sentences that make sense, with full stops and commas in all the right places. She double-checks her spelling three times with the little thesaurus that has the words, “Not that you’ll ever use this! Love, Smallville’s five-time Spelling Bee Champ!” scrawled in neat handwriting on the back of the front cover. PG13

a curious thing, Clark/Lois
Lois stands back abruptly and says with a measured look, “Hm, interesting. Let’s experiment.” NC17

bright lights, big city, Clark/Lois
It’s odd living in the city-with all the sounds of the city. Lois was well-used to it and even she was having trouble adjusting. The loud sigh of a bus pulling up at a traffic light; the wail of an ambulance or a police siren; the clang of a garbage truck being filled; music from the neighbors to the left of them who played hip-hop on Tuesdays and rock on Fridays. PG
+ ocean jewel, brilliant sea and that other one, PG
+ thunder only happens when it's raining, NC17

quiet as clouds, Lana
Everything ends. If there’s a single thing Lana’s come to understand-it’s that. R

100 Ways Clark/Lois Drabble Challenge fills (4) PG13 - NC17
Clark likes to watch

carry my Heart -- un rêve dans les étoiles, Clark/Lois
Guilt is a strange thing; it hides in the shadows; sometimes, you manage to numb yourself to its presence, until almost convinced that it isn’t there. And then one word, one look and it’s clawing its way at everything inside of you, leaves you bruised and bleeding. R

how to save a life, Clark/Lois
Lois scoped out the cops clustered in a group by one squad car, and another, more scattered group milling around in front of a deli on the street corner. When she spotted her friend, she muttered, “Bingo, looks like Friday night poker’s gonna come in handy.” R

Lover 100 Series

er... like a date? Clark/Lois
The witness didn’t bat an eyelid at the utter absurdity of his statement, simply nodding his head, gesturing at Clark, who stood behind her, and uttering, “Uh...way taller than your boyfriend there and um…thin, thin like a rail.” PG

plaid robes, whipped cream and coyotes, Chloe/Oliver
“Sidekick, I thought we agreed to put the gadgets away this weekend.”

so... how about that sneak preview? Clark/Lois
He’d always had a thing for telescopes and astronomy; that she knew. Way back when she’d dismissed the hobby as a thing for geeks and stalkers, but … he’d managed to change her mind on that front. PG13

memoire, Clark/Lois
The words, the truth of them, run through her again; tugging her closer to a precipice, inviting her to leap into an unknown, dark and seductive. R

honey, i'm home, Clark/Lois
If anything, Clark was always - always good for her ego. NC17

Glimpse, Clark/Lois, Clark/Lana if you squint
There was this girl he glimpsed for the first time through the lens of his telescope. G

all i want for christmas is us, Clark/Lois
She frowned as she wondered what kind of idiot left their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. Clark Kent, obviously. NC17

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Hidden Talents (future fic)
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If the Suit Fits (future fic)
Manic Mondays
You Had me at Hello
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100 Degrees Farenheit
Lazy Sundays
God Save the Cat!
If It Ain't Broke
Time Constraints

Serial Fiction
Holding Out for a Hero (WIP)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

For the Man Who Has Everything (WIP)
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Mighty Fallen (WIP)
Mighty Fallen Prologues
Mighty Fallen One

The Proposal (Complete)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six and Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve

The Vampire Diaries

careful where you stand, Kat/Mason
There’s no mistaking who has who in this equation. Right then, he doesn’t even give a fuck. NC17

the natural order of things, Bonnie/Damon
Sometimes, he hates her. NC17

into the woods, Bonnie/Tyler
She found him there, one morning, covered in blood. PG

the vow, Katherine-centric, some Katherine/Stefan
Even in this bleary, half-conscious state, one single emotion with which she was perfectly familiar bled through: rage, hard and thick. PG13

putting back the pieces of us, Damon/Bonnie
Maybe, in grief, we're all inhuman humans, hollowed out, and cracked, dead. NC17

we survive; we always survive (a dark comedy), Bonnie/Caroline/Elena
It all started in the middle of June, a hot summer that made sweat pearl up on your cheeks and your clothes stick to your skin. Quietly though. Not that you’d expect a zombie apocalypse to ring your doorbell and say, “Hello.” But it still came as something of a surprise to them when the world went pear-shaped (again). R

the carpe diem of it all, Damon/Elena, Klaus
Klaus’ ever-present smirk shrivels like a popped balloon, and he says, spluttering in what looks like growing rage, “But-but-that’s impossible!” (crack!fic)

stick close to the lines, Matt
He has a routine-Matt’s always had a fondness for routine, there’s a comfort in it, in breaking his day into neat blocks, clear-cut beginnings and endings. Clear-cut. PG

they'll dig me up one day, stare at my insides and find nothing but ghosts, Elena, Elena/Damon bits
She’s alone in this house now. Just her and her ghosts. She wanders down the stairs sometimes and swears she can hear Jenna shuffling in her room, the sound of a hair dryer running through wet hair, an echo of laughter in the walls (accompanied by the crunch of her chest beneath the weight of a stake and the gurgle in her throat as she bled out onto the sand). PG

until we bleed, Bonnie/Damon (also fanmix)
Damon thinks that sometimes they’re the ghosts, vampires that is. They hang like cobwebs, hidden in unlit corners in the homes of the living, like silvered wraiths lingering long passed their time, walking anachronisms-trying to be, to live, and with each draught of lifeblood, reminded they are dead. R

when she falls, she wears their bones in her hair, Bonnie
She doesn’t think there is a distinction in her life or inside of her, a line between the sun-glare of day and the darkest point of a shadow. Perhaps she has always been falling. And that’s the natural state of things. PG13

one step closer fanmix, Bonnie
“It’s true, Elena. It’s impossible, and it’s true - I’m a witch.”
+criminal intent fanmix, Bonnie/Caroline AU
In which Bonnie and Caroline are a pair of cons-cum-supernatural crime fighters who travel across the world getting shit done and taking names.

daydreaming on a strawberry swing fanmix, the Mystic Falls kids
these are the memories that'll stay with us forever.

Bonnie drabbles
Bonnie has never wanted to be the hero of this story. She knows that’s not what she is. She thinks that maybe heroes don’t have it as bad as all this. Maybe once in a while they win. They sleep at night, warm in the knowledge of it. They don’t live in this strange moment, a single frequency that is fear and dread, and hands that never unclench. They don’t cry. PG - R

what just happened?, Bonnie/Jeremy
No one says anything. But it’s clear from the minute they all arrange themselves around the kitchen to catch up that the two of them really just want to be alone. PG13

Bonnie top witch-goddess moments
they fight monsters, don't they? a meta about choice in tvd

Legend of Korra

the hardest parts, Lin Beifong
It didn’t hurt. She thought that strange, when someone took something so a part of you-she thought that should hurt at least a little, in the moment. It hadn’t. R


an affinity for touch volumes. 1 and II, Simon /Alisha
He had always loved the feel of a camera in his hands, cool and hard with mechanical buttons that are easier to understand than most things. There was a cleanliness about them that appealed to him. He would squint through the viewfinder, this extension of his eyes and hands, and watch everything pass by. NC17

three drabbles "you fall in love with me...", Simon/Alisha
She takes special care not to look at Simon - the Simon that isn’t hers yet - that is. She’s discovering that she can’t lie to him the way she can the others. R

mostly a lot of shit tbh, master fic list

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