I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you

Apr 02, 2007 22:51

The last few days have been extremely quiet. I found that rather odd. Well, last night as we were bedding down we discovered that the entire neighborhood was alight with police cars and screaming sirens. Well mind you that we DIDN'T hear the sirens until we actually noticed the lights. It turns out that there was terrible crash that woke my parents it was so brutally loud and police cars were screaming and tearing ass through the neighborhood for a good half hour before we even noticed. Now we're a bunch of paranoid hillbillies out through here and to not notice three cops parked in our drive was a little alarming.

Then I come to find out that a dear friend was in horrible car crash a couple days before that. THEN I come to find out that another friend had her car stolen, stripped, and sold to a junk yard by a couple of people whom she thought to be her best friends. Wow. It makes me never want to get in a car again and have my hearing/motor skills checked.

But in other news I discovered the beauty of a movie entitled "Mean Girls". Yes it's a teen movie. Yes it stars Lindsey Lohan. But I have to respect a movie where a snotty blond bitch calls her friends' mother pretending to be planned parenthood just to have a chance at her boyfriend. Not as good as "Heathers" but it was almost in the ballpark. My subject line is also derived from said movie.

Now for a shock to your brain. Jennifer, I found this for you and you only:

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