dead cat on the highway

Mar 06, 2007 18:41

Someone ran over my mother's cat today. So she calls me in to dispose of the body. It was horrible. I write about this because I've never seen something this disturbing and I have to get it out of my mind somehow.

It was nothing like the usual. You know, strings of meat and bone, severed torso, blood everywhere. I can handle that, that's what I expect to see. There was very little blood. The cat was totally normal and still warm. When I turn it over it's entire jawbone had been cracked and extracted from it's face, sticking out of the cheeks in a grotesque way like a baby kangaroo sticks out of it's mother's pouch. And everything else was normal including the eyes. It looked like a character from Hellraiser.

I love(d) this cat and I'm trying not to associate it with the horror I saw today and that's why I'm talking about it in such a direct manner.


I'm sorry for the eyesore here but it was too much to carry around.
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