Mar 05, 2007 21:08

You know there's this way I imagine things should turn out then there's reality. Sometimes I wonder if it would be just too hard for anyone to see from my perspective. But alas, you can never anticipate what another human will do.

Well I totally wasted today. I downloaded some really wonderful photoshop brushes though that I can transform anyone into a rotting corpse with. I tried it on myself, it's the best thing since sliced bread. If anyone would like a zombie of themselves let me know.

See what I mean, totally totally wasted but fun. Look for return of the Angie soon.

Visited with some peeps sunday. Found out some really interesting shit then soon after discarded it. I just had to mention since I barely see my own reflection. Living the true vampire life lately. It was good to get out and I plan on more excursions as the weather ripens. Maybe I'll graduate to from rare to moderate telephone use soon.

Nothing much else to report. I await a bombshell dropped by B. to create some nuclear fallout with his fam. I just hope I'm never a topic. It's kind of interesting standing in the middle of war zone, guilty by association it seems.

But my steaks await and Killswitch is begging to be played.
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