fuck you you fucking fuckers

Mar 03, 2007 00:19

God I'm feeling catty tonight.

Today was a total total disaster. 8 hours wasted in town to be treated like a common criminal by a doctor. I've never hated drug addicts more than I do right now. Smoke some weed you idiots and leave the rest of the populace alone. Ignorance is actually the gateway drug.

But I did see someone wearing a shirt that said "fuck you you fucking fuckers" and that livened me up a bit.

In other doctor related news I'm going to the fat clinic. Yes, I'm going to lose twenty pounds before summer or I'll cut it off with a butchering knife. I don't really feel at home in my own body anymore. I get all of this "don't lose weight just to keep a man" from my mom. Ha. The only thing that would be lost in that scenario would be "the man". The best way to find a good partner is to do it when you're grossly obese then you'll know what they're there for.

I have truly been a bitch today. My favorite part was telling a doctor exactly what I think of him. But then on the flip side I've been dealing with an extremely catty man. So that's probably what's fueling me. I also sent the most beautiful bulletin I've ever sent out on myspace and I'm laughing now just thinking about it. I wonder how many friends I'll have left tomorrow. Such is internet.

I've been reading pretty heavily on some Anne Rice vampire chronicles but alas, I don't have any funds for the next book in the series. I'm saving up to not be fat anymore. Books or ass... ass or books... damn that's a hard choice.

On the video gaming front B. has completed Snake Eater for the 8th time and now has the EZ Gun. Nothing left to attain on that one and it saddens me. I LOVE that game so furiously. We're going to acquire a PS3 when the new Metal Gear is on shelves. It features all the old characters (including Raiden and not in a joke this time) we're pretty stoked for that. I was just pondering today... why are all the evil characters in newer games homosexual? Well I guess that doesn't count for the Snake/Ocelot situation to which I am a slave. Ocelot is hands down my favorite character, he's so annoying he's lovable *useless hand gesture here*.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get my hands on Twilight Princess. Nita, do you have it? Is it available yet? I hate humanity so much right now that trips to town are limited to 30 minute intervals and game stop is out of the question.

So it's on to work tomorrow. Bleh. But hey, at least it's only two days a week right? I hope to jesus that one of my clients is taking a respite trip. She leaned on the dryer door last week and broke it, it was fixed, then bam, she leans on it again. So now it's jerry-rigged with a broom propped against the fridge. The plus side is that she can't steal food out of the fridge now. I have two homes and two sets of kids. At least I get paid for going to one of them.

I'm staying up as late as I can handle tonight. It's better if I go to work tired, I'm nicer for some reason.
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