Fic: 'Bite at the Bait of Pleasure'

Dec 14, 2012 12:05

'Bite at the Bait of Pleasure'

Author's Notes: So… yeah, I started working on this a few days before Laney's birthday, and got very quickly stuck with it. Four drafts and three revisions later, here we are. I'm still not sure how good it is, so I guess you'll have to judge. It's shorter than I expected, and more limited; I promised Laney an orgy, but it never got there. And I've been taking so long I decided not to wait to see if I could do it. I'll save that possibility for a sequel. Of course, there'll also be potential for another sequel, with Tyene's 'snake'… but that is for another day.

There's not much characterization in this, but I based what little there is on my reading of Tyene and Arianne (especially Arianne) in the books. The idea that Arianne and her friends regularly make trips there is supported by the books, I feel. I had Ellaria give Tyene her present because as awesomely sexy as Oberyn is, I'd like to think he draws the line at sexual pastimes with his daughters. The title comes from a quote by Thomas Jefferson: "Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it". And of course, I own nothing, it all belongs to GRRM.

Lastly, many thanks to Chrissy for going over this and assuring me there's nothing wrong with it and it's very good. And of course, this fic is dedicated to my dearest niece and lady, Laney, as a (belated) birthday gift, just in time for the holidays.

It was a beautiful day, and Arianne could not stop congratulating herself. She had convinced Tyene and Sylva to ride with her to Shandystone, and have some fun exploring the ruins and having a picnic. The sun was bright in the sky, but a cool breeze blew, freshening the air and keeping it from being too hot, especially in their light clothes. It would seem to most to be an innocent distraction, a way for young girls to enjoy themselves. But Arianne had a goal in mind when she proposed this idea. When her uncle had shown her this place, he had also taught them how to milk snakes of their venom. Tyene had proved quite adept at it, delighting Oberyn. Arianne was determined to show she could do it too, and just as well as Tyene. She had brought along some thin leather which the snake was supposed to bite through, thus allowing her to milk him, and a few small animals she hoped to tempt snakes into leaving their holes with.

The three girls had quickly split up when they started exploring, each one wanting to find something on her own she could boast of to the others. Thoguh Arianne loved spending time with her cousin and Sylva, this time she was trying to avoid them, so as to have the chance to milk a snake. As she explored the ruins, she often shivered, feeling eyes watching her back. She quickly shook off the feeling; Tyene and Sylva were the only ones around, it was just nervousness at what she was about to attempt. After some time, she had finally found a snake hole, in an old house which was mostly intact, and after some careful baiting and waiting, a snake had finally come out.

Thing quickly went wrong. The snake was alert and quick, as though he had been sunning in the sun, not resting in a cool dark burrow. He ignored the dead animals strewn around him. And though she stretched out the leather the snake was supposed to sink his fangs in, this snake had other ideas. He lunged at her exposed hand, and only her quick reflexes prevented him from biting her as she let out an involuntary scream. She frantically scrambled backwards, trying to retreat as much as possible while simultaneously never taking her eyes off the snake and fumbling for her knife. Just as she passed through the doorway to the house, she stumbled over the exposed stone threshold, falling on her back and feeling a burn of pain. The snake lunged - and met a solid piece of leather, stretched across the entrance, just protecting Arianne's body. With quick, efficient movements, delicate pale hands grasped the fangs and extracted the venom, and then quickly threw the leather and snake embedded in it off in the ruins.

Arianne tried to cal her breathing, even as she was shocked anew by Tyene's words. "What the fuck were you thinking, Arianne?" she shouted, towering above her. "We don't have any anti-venom or Maesters, what would have happened if you were bitten?" Arianne could not find words to answer. She was still astounded that Tyene was actually angry. Tyene never got angry, or at least never showed it.
Tyene seemed to take her silence for agreement, and continued les agitatedly. "You never think about these things! You're always looking to prove yourselves to everyone. Why can't you just accept our help sometimes and realize you don't have to do everything alone?" She gave her hand to Arianne so Arianne could pull herself back to her feet. But even as she prepared to do so, she felt a burning pain in her thigh and gasped.

"What's wrong?" Tyene asked, worried again.

"I think I cut my thigh", Arianne groaned. Tyene immediately knelt between her splayed knees, examining her legs. Her clever fingers quickly found the cut, and began examining it.

"It looks clean, but I want to make sure nothing got into it, especially venom. Stay on your back", she commanded, with a tone Arianne usually only heard her use with the servants. Even as she was about to protest, she gasped. Tyene had started sucking around the wound, licking the cut clean. After a few moments, Arainne noticed she hadn't stopped.

"Isn't it clean already?"

Tyene raised her head, even as her hand slid through the rent fabric towards the juncture of Arianne's thighs. Her eyes were dilated, and her breathing somewhat rapid. "Stay down if you know what's good for you, Arianne", she drawled, and Arianne realized Tyene was in complete control of the situation. Even as she lay back down, she heard her robes ripping, and felt Tyene's hands on her thighs, caressing them. She moaned, and suddenly she felt Tyene's hot breath on the juncture, and felt her underclothes being pulled to the side, revealing her sex to Tyene's gaze. Tyene's mouth quickly attached to it, biting and sucking and licking, even as her fingers danced all around Arianne's inner thighs, every so often dipping into her slit, making Arianne cry out.

Arianne was no stranger to sex, and had often shared it with favorite cousin, but it had never felt like this, so alive, so out of control, so intense. She felt herself rapidly approaching a climax, when suddenly Tyene stopped. She groaned in frustration, raising her head to berate Tyene and order her to continue, only to have all the air forced out of her lungs as Tyene sat down on her stomach, and captured her wrists above her head.

"Now, Arianne", Tyene hissed, "you've been very naughty, trying to milk a snake alone, and causing me so much worry. I think you have to make up for that." With those words, she pulled up her robes and moved her underclothes to one side, and placed her damp sex on Arianne's face. "If you please me and make me feel better, I might let you feel good as well", she said as she moved her fingers back to Arianne's slit, beginning to play with her lips.

Arianne needed no more motivation. Her energy was still running high from the encounter with the snake, and she set to work, licking, scraping, biting and sucking. She could quickly feel her success and reward, as liquid started oozing from Tyene's sex and Tyene's hot breath was blowing again on her slit, with Tyene's tongue occasionally flicking out at Arianne's clit. Tyene took a moment to rise and turn around, allowing her easier access to Arianne's sex, and Arianne took advantage by using her now free hands to grab at Tyene's hips. They quickly fell into a rhythm, with Tyene's two fingers now buried in Arianne's sex, and her mouth sucking her clit, even as Arianne sent her tongue again and again into Tyene's slit, while her nails and teeth scraped and pinched Tyene's most sensitive spot. When Tyene started convulsing over Arianne's face, letting out short high pitched gasps, Arianne knew she was coming - but all that was obliterated a moment later, as Tyene's teeth gently closed on her clit, finally sending her over the edge and into a powerful orgasm which had her screaming into Tyene's sex. The scream and continued tongue work was drawing out Tyene's orgasm, who reciprocated by sucking at Arianne's clit as though it had been bitten by the snake and she was drawing out venom.

After a few more moments, when the last of the shivers had passed, Tyene rolled off Arianne to lie besides her on the sand, smiling that soft smile she only wore after sex, her eyes hooded. Arianne raised her head to capture her mouth in a kiss, and they kept it going until both of them were breathless.

"If only we had a real 'snake'", Arianne breathed out, chuckling softly.

Tyene raised her eyebrows. "I have one in my chambers at Sunspear", she replied. "It was a name-day gift from Ellaria."
"Well-" Arianne began, but her reply was cut off as a shade fell across the both of them. Sylva glared down at them. "You didn't think to call me?"

Tyene laughed softly. "Most inconsiderate of us. What do you say, Arianne? Having hunted a snake, are you ready to tame a leopard?"

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