Fic: 'The Earth He Gave to Men'

Sep 17, 2011 21:44

Username: kith_koby
House: Sharizai
Title: 'The Earth He Gave to Men'
Characters/Pairings: Anael, Elua.
Summary: If He gave the Earth to men, why did angels join Elua upon it?
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None, before both trilogies.
Word Count: 734
# of Scenes: 1
I own nothing. I am merely a humble beggar, sampling from the table of Jacqueline Carey, who must dwell with the angels she writes about. I gain no profit from this work beyond the joy I had in writing it.
Notes: Will be posted on under my username Meneldur and on Eglantine House and Elua's Children here on LiveJournal.
So, Third in my Seven Companions of Elua series, now dealing with Anael. The reasons were actually rather easy to figure out, one they hit me. But the language… well, I was unsure how biblical it was. My dearest cousin (and favored beta reader) assured me it was up to the standard of my previous chapters, though, so I am content. The verse quoted comes from Psalms CXV ,16. The interpretation of Somerville - well, 'ville' is city in French, but I found no French word 'somer'. So I picked the closest-sounding Hebrew word. As always, feedback is solicited and appreciated.

And when Anael came before Elua, he was neither proud nor merry nor defiant; only patient and content, unmoving as the Earth itself. And Elua looked at him, and felt a kinship; for Elua had been born of Mother Earth, and Anael had cared for it long. And Elua was glad in his heart, for he knew he would have another companion on his journey to love. Yet it was not the way of Elua to accept anyone without giving them the choice, and making a choice himself. So he asked Anael, "Why do you join me?"

"For my part, Lord, it is my nature that drives me", answered Anael. "And yet the reasons are rooted deep, and are indeed as many as roots. It all began at the start. The Lord planted a wondrous Garden, with the help of his consort, Mother Earth. And He set Man to guard and grow it, which he did under my tutelage. But then He cast Man out for using the fruit as it was meant to be used, eating it. And from then forth, the Lord has forgotten me, and this land we walk upon.  So much has He withdrawn, that He has even proclaimed: 'The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's: but the earth hath He given to the children of men'."

Elua nodded, understanding; for he had felt the withdrawal of his grandfather, and he too was grieved by it. "But why do you join me, then, my lord Anael? I am also not a man."

Anael laughed at that. "Indeed?" he asked. "It may be so. But are you not the child of one? For Yeshua was mortal. And furthermore, were you not conceived in the womb of Earth, which is your Mother? These are not occurrences void of meaning, Elua. I have longed to return to the Garden of Eden for eternity; but the Garden was of all three: Of the Lord, of Mother Earth, and of Man. In you, I see my hope."

Elua frowned at that. "Do you follow me only for your hope of Eden, then?"

Anael shook his head at that, and answered vehemently. "Not at all! And yet, even were it so, is it not a worthy thing, to have loved a place where all walked in harmony? But there is yet more love to give; for I love the land, and all growing and living things on it. And under your feet, these things flourish, thanks to the gift of your Mother. And I would have you know how to care for them, and love them, even as you love men."

And Elua laughed at that, for he was well pleased; and it seemed to him a worthy thing, to love all creation of the Lord and Mother Earth, even the beasts of the field and the plants of the land. And that night, Anael taught Elua many things; of plowing and sowing and harvesting, and other such tasks man might use.  And Elua knew Anael, and loved him well; for in him was love for such beings Elua had not thought to love, and they were glad.

And when they came at last to Terre d'Ange, Anael took to himself the fertile plains, which he called the heartlands. And he loved them, and filled them with seeds and men and women, making them bountiful. And his children were known as Somer, for it was Hebrew for Anael's role, that of guard and watcher, who kept the land safe and plentiful. And in time, that became Somerville, for it was only thanks to their toil that civilization rose and cities were built. And they could always be distinguished by the scent of apples which followed them on the breeze, the gift of their father, who had never forgotten the Apples of Eden.

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