My very own calendar!!

Jan 04, 2016 17:55

This is mainly to show Fenchurche what I wasted two days on :-)

So I decided to have a look around and found a site that makes calendars at what I thought was a reasonable price. Truth be told there is quite a lot really. Anyway I started a folder of images that I liked until I had about 40 screen captures - I wanted them from BtVS as opposed to advertising stills. It's sad how so many of the really high quality sites have disappeared - but there are enough around for reasonable prints. Anyway, I had lots of variety - really I did... There were ones from the Gift, Willow and Tara, Xander and Anya.... lots I liked, but in the end (with *eyerolls* provided by my son) these are the twelve I put in: fangy bias is showing (and July is my birthday - so sweet!).... but hey, Buffy and a rocket launcher for August, right?

The final product isn't too bad either (this is a sample so ignore the ! and the fill in the blanks thingy) :

Go me!
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