Buffy Season 10 Issue 12

Feb 18, 2015 22:29

Don't care what anyone says that was GREAT! Nicholas Brendon seems to add so much as a writer. Everything is a touch more fun. Clever link to A&F and my Spuffy heart is all a flutter.

That is all

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waddiwasiwitch February 19 2015, 19:19:58 UTC
I really enjoyed it too. A little too much really. I'm afraid - very afraid. Joss likes to ruin characters' lives so....

Hee - love the whole Xander and Spike bromance. I feel like I'm reading my favourite fanfictions. Also, I'm especially happy with the comics, because I once wrote a fic where Spike was working with Dowling as a consultant. Now, it's canon. Lol.

But, yeah I'm still very afraid!!


kerry_220 February 22 2015, 08:45:38 UTC
I think all Spuffy fans should live in the moment :-)

I've read that a lot of people are comparing it to fanfic... I happen to love fanfic so it's all good for me!!


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