Rudy Wade is my Spirit Animal

Nov 01, 2011 22:54

“We were at a party…I fancied you for two years. She took my virginity it was the happiest moment of me life.

I told all my friends I was seeing ya you know.

And the next day, you looked right through me. I loved you and you wouldn’t even look at me.

I had to watch you going with all the other boys…

I tried to kill myself…I wanted to die because of you…”


This lasted all of a minute or two and is easily now my most favourite misfits scene ever. Joe Gilgun did a beyond phenomenal job. I’m only just getting to let my feelings out about it now cos I went over to Jorge’s for the premiere. Watching that laying next to him was like jabbing needles into my insides. Rudy is so much of a manifestation of Jorge AND me in such startling ways & it killed me. It’s like I could feel that it hurt him to watch it too. I wanted to run but was rooted to the mattress watching that. It was so painful. Even more so now but I don’t even want to talk about it since it’s all that’s been in my head.UGH shuttting up now.
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