inside my head is only you

Sep 03, 2013 06:20

title: inside my head is only you
pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol, slight mentions of krisbaek
rating: nc-17
genre: basically pwp, pseudo-joseon-era!au
length: oneshot, 3038wc
warning: all the crap, the most non-smutty smut you'll ever read, unbetaed
summary: byun baekhyun is irresistible in red silk robes.
an: this is entirely baekfats and seisdemayo 's fault. i swear i should stop doing these kind of things. this is the very vague baekyeol part of the 'supposed' kribaekyeol pmsl. i will probably, no i'm sure i'll regret this for the rest of my life. ;;
an2: thank god for exo's heart attack for the title or else this would've been called 'red silk'. ew.

The scent of rose water is strong. He can swear whoever it was hasn't been gone long as the pungent smell of the flower still clings heavily onto the cool air of midnight. Chanyeol walks silently on the wooden floorboards of the palace, remembering to stay hidden in the shadows. Somehow, it's imperative for him to find out who the person is.

He's sure that this person is the one who's causing this sudden change in Yifan. When once his half-brother has been a strict and harsh ruler of the kingdom, he can now see a softness in him, a weakness that may prove to be fatal to his reign. As his right-hand and most trusted advisor, he must stop this person from completely corrupting the King. As his half-brother, he must protect Yifan’s life.

The smell grows stronger. He's close, he can almost taste it. His heart pounds against his chest in anticipation. He's now out of the main palace, about twenty meters away from the King's residence. The place is unfamiliar yet he knows where this is. He frowns in thought.

The scent is leading him to the houses of the concubines. But that can't be, he thinks. He knows every one of Yifan's women. He is always there in each and every ceremony. Yet this person is a stranger. Chanyeol would've recognized this perfume anywhere.

He continues in his quest to find the person. His footsteps go quicker and stealthier. Some distance from the last concubine house, he comes upon a dead end. Before him is a wide lotus pond surrounded by a thick clump of trees.

No, the person can’t just disappear like that.

And perhaps the moon goddess is in favor of him tonight for an accidental turn of his head shows him a red bridge, hidden from view by the vines crawling around it. The thin sliver of moonlight is all he needs to help him trace the pathway towards it. He crosses the wooden bridge, careful not to make any sound. Chanyeol reaches the other end and that’s when he catches sight of a small cottage, strategically concealed by large trees and painted as black as the night. He finds it just in time to see small lamps being lit from the inside, and a silhouette of a small figure becomes visible through the thin paper walls.

Chanyeol walks closer, cautious to bend down to prevent his height from giving him away. He makes his way to the door, holding onto the small dagger slung against his left hip. He vaguely thinks it's absurd since he can easily overpower that slight framed creature inside, but it's a habit instilled in him since he was a small boy. He takes a deep breath before forcefully sliding the door open, the element of surprise always a plus when facing an enemy.

It's just the person inside isn't what he's expecting. Instead of a female courtesan, he sees a young man covered in sinful red silk, heavily kohled eyes wide with astonishment. Chanyeol is taken aback. This boy is Yifan's lover?

"Who are you?" comes the velvety voice and Chanyeol can feel slivers of awareness run up his spine. He stands straighter.

"Shouldn't I be the one to ask that?" he says in return. "Who are you?"

"You are in my cottage. Isn't it but right that I demand to know who you are first?" The young man tilts his head to the side and lifts a delicate brow. The lights from the lamps cast the boy's dark brown hair with a sheen of gold, distracting Chanyeol for a second. The stranger then shifts in his seat on the floor and the silk robe slips down one shoulder baring smooth pale skin to his gaze. The sight is innocently alluring, and suddenly Chanyeol can understand Yifan's fascination with this young man.

"I am the king's right hand man. And I'm here to escort you out of the palace," Chanyeol says in his most intimidating voice. He steps forward into the small room, filling the doorway, the only route of escape.

The young man only replies with laughter, light and melodious against the silence. Chanyeol admits he is beautiful, insanely so, but he is going to cause trouble any time soon. It is always better to cut the bud early before it bloomed into a poisonous flower.

"Is that what Wu Yifan says?" the boy asks, his eyes bright and teasing. Chanyeol stiffens when he sees him lower the robe further, revealing more skin, down, down, down until half of his back is exposed. Chanyeol sees a slender hand caress a shoulder before it follows the path the robe took until it reaches a small red mark near his ribcage. "That wasn't what he was telling me when he gave me this."

Chanyeol is seized with an unexplainable sort of anger at knowing Yifan's lips marred the otherwise flawless skin. "Come with me. No one needs to get hurt."

"Oh, please," the boy scoffs. "As you can see I'm tired and I need my rest or the king would be very angry to see dark shadows under my eyes. Now, run along, little right-hand man."

Incensed at the condescending tone the prostitute used on him, Chanyeol takes two steps in then grabs the impertinent boy by his robes, forcing the other to stand on his tiptoes, hands clutching at his forearms for support. Chanyeol stares him down, searching into his brown eyes, but where he is expecting fear all he sees is amusement. The beautiful hands holding on to him relaxes and slides up to his shoulders, leaving trails of heat in their wake. Chanyeol knows he should let go except he feels trapped by the heavy lidded gaze trained on him.

The young man leans in, almost draping himself completely against Chanyeol's body and the smell of roses fills his head until he can barely breathe. Now he feels as if he's the one being attacked--being dominated--and he's confused how that can possibly happen. He tries to move but his limbs stay frozen in place, hypnotized by the unspoken promise in the other's eyes.

The boy lets his lips ghost over Chanyeol's before it continues on to his cheek, his ears--close, so close but never touching. He feels the knot behind his neck give, releasing his long sable hair and a soft hand boldly runs through it. The taller man tries not to shudder when the boy whispers, "The name's Byun Baekhyun. Just so you know who's going to make you scream."

The shorter man then proceeds to lick into his ear and Chanyeol finds that instead of pushing him away, he is pulling Byun Baekhyun close. With a last swipe of his tongue, the young man steps back and Chanyeol's hands weakly let go of the red silk. He watches as it falls down, slithering seductively over the contours of Baekhyun's body before it pools around his slim ankles.

At the sight of all that naked skin, Chanyeol feels the sharp ache of arousal settling in his gut. He tries to talk some sense to himself before this goes way beyond his control but he realizes it has been beyond it since he opened the door and saw the man staring up at him. As if he read the struggle Chanyeol is having with himself, Byun Baekhyun reaches for his large hand and places it against his stomach. "Touch me. You know you want to."

Against his own will, Chanyeol’s hands go around the other's waist to draw Baekhyun back against his chest. A dark look passes in between them, something dangerous and forbidding, but the attraction is too strong for them to deny. I'll go to hell for this, is Chanyeol's last thought before he seizes Baekhyun's lips in a deep kiss. And so it begins.

Chanyeol forces Baekhyun's mouth open, claiming the warmth with his tongue. He tastes deadly sweet, heady and addicting. The taste makes him forget of his responsibilities and his sworn promise to his brother. As his mouth slants against Baekhyun's, all he thinks about is to have more. Feel more.

Baekhyun unties the knot of Chanyeol's robe, spreading the fabric to reveal his hard chest and he moans as those skillful hands roam over the hard planes. Soon, there are no more clothes to separate skin from skin. Chanyeol completely surrenders his guard, allowing the shorter male to hover over him as he lay on his back on the floor.

Baekhyun settles himself astride Chanyeol's naked hips, almost but not quite touching the evidence of his arousal. In contrast to the urgency of their earlier kisses, the shorter man now moves slowly, languidly, as if they have all the time in the world. He runs his fingertips from Chanyeol's mouth, to his collarbones, down until he reaches the brown nubs against his chest. Chanyeol sees him smile mischievously before he bends down and takes one in between his lips. The touch is electric and gets him shivering to his toes. Chanyeol lets out a strangled moan as he moves to get closer to the hot mouth causing havoc to his senses.

Baekhyun stops and goes back up to press an open-mouthed kiss on his jaw. "It's Baekhyun. Say my name."

He goes lower than before reaching Chanyeol's navel and playing with it with an expert tongue making Chanyeol writhe and feel as if he is drowning. One hand finds purchase on the crumpled red silk beside him while the other reaches for Baekhyun's short hair. He feels the boy smile against the planes of his stomach before he slides lower still. A puff of warm breath is the only warning he gets before Chanyeol's length is enveloped in damp heat, forcing his hips to jerk up, the muscles on his thighs jumping beneath those damned fingers.

Baekhyun takes him deeper and Chanyeol can't stop his lips from screaming Baekhyun, Baekhyun, Baekhyun. He hears the boy laugh and he thinks he should be offended that this person is looking down at him, laughing at his helplessness, except the resulting vibration around his length is mind-numbing and he is too caught up with desire to care. He's getting close, closer when he feels his cock reach the back of the other's throat. Too close. Too soon. He forcefully draws back until Baekhyun's mouth is no longer around him. Chanyeol sees the boy grin deviously.

"Oh, eager are we?" Baekhyun then reaches up and gets a small clay jar from a low shelf, letting their torsos touch for a moment before the contact is lost again. Chanyeol wonders how the simple act of opening a jar seems so riveting, more so when the tips of those fingers dip inside the container. Baekhyun takes them out and they glisten with scented oil. Again the smell of roses permeates the air and Chanyeol hazy mind thinks Byun Baekhyun's exactly like roses. Beautiful, soft, lethal.

Still he can do nothing but watch as the young man straddles his lap again. Baekhyun arches his back seductively and reaches behind himself. The king’s paramour stares at him as he prepares his body, mouth parted and letting out soft whimpers that make Chanyeol even harder. Baekhyun rocks back on his fingers, the view and the sound infinitely erotic that has Chanyeol in a daze. Baekhyun smiles again but Chanyeol notices the strain in his slight body, sweat starting to form on his forehead. He looks down between them and he sees the other's erection hanging heavy between his supple thighs and Chanyeol bites back a groan. He doesn't expect to be this aroused by the sight but he is.

Baekhyun straightens and rests his backside against Chanyeol's thighs. He reaches for the taller man's length and covers it with the scented oil before he gives it a few firm strokes--twice, thrice, more times until Chanyeol is left gasping. Baekhyun pulls himself up and places the tip against his entrance, almost but not quite sliding it in. Chanyeol tenses as Baekhyun continues to tease, allowing the head touch the puckered ring of flesh over and over yet still not letting him in. With an impatient groan, Chanyeol reaches for Baekhyun's thighs and holds him in place, intending to just thrust in, half-crazed with lust. However, he is no match against the other male as Baekhyun leans down to capture his lips in another wet kiss, disarming him.

"Scream my name," Baekhyun says against his mouth before the boy brings himself forcefully down on Chanyeol in one swift glide. Both of them cry out at the sensation of finally being joined. Baekhyun rests his hands on Chanyeol's chest and he starts to move but Chanyeol stays him with his hands and sets the pace. He can scarcely control his quick upward thrusts, searching for relief again and again inside Baekhyun's body. He feels tight and slick and perfect. Chanyeol braces his feet against the floor and continues to drive into him. The pressure builds and builds as the hot friction increases, turning Chanyeol mindless with need.

He feels Baekhyun's walls clench tight around him and he can't stop moaning the other's name just like how Baekhyun wants him to. Chanyeol's ever so close, the heat pooling at the end of his spine almost unbearable. He nearly loses it right then but pauses when his eyes are drawn to the small red marks scattered across Baekhyun's left ribs to the tops of his left hip.

Those are from Yifan. His half-brother. His king. And this beautiful male atop him is his lover.

Strangely, remembering doesn't make him want to stop. Instead what fills his mind is how to erase those marks and replace them with his. He's not really supposed to care if the paramour gets something from this, after all he's being paid for the use of his body--this time that delectable derriere in exchange for Chanyeol letting him stay--but now he wants to hear Byun Baekhyun shout his name in pleasure, too, until he's hoarse and can't recall any other name except Chanyeol's.

Chanyeol pulls out and abruptly rolls Baekhyun onto his back before he covers the other's small frame with his long limbs. Baekhyun's eyes round with surprise at the change of position, a bit of panic creeping into his expression. Clearly, he doesn't like not being in control. Too bad, Chanyeol thinks. It's my turn now.

He sits between Baekhyun's naked thighs and holds onto the back of his knees, pushing them up until his entrance is bared once again to Chanyeol's hungry eyes. He thrusts back in without warning, earning him a drawn out moan from the other male. He leans over Baekhyun, burying himself impossibly deeper and waits until he is sure that Baekhyun's full attention is on him. "It's Park Chanyeol. Say my name."

Baekhyun's eyes widen in recognition of who he is. His mouth forms the word no but Chanyeol won't have that so he catches his lips in a hard kiss, licking into his mouth and owning him. He feels Baekhyun's fingernails dig into his back but the sting is forgotten as he starts to move in a maddening rhythm, pulling almost all the way out before pounding back in. Faster and faster, again and again, yet Baekhyun still refuses to say his name.

Chanyeol lets his mouth travel towards the other's jaw and he follows its curve until he reaches his ears, much like what Baekhyun did earlier. "I won't stop until you say it," he says, each word punctuated by hard thrusts, each one more powerful than the last.

The shorter male turns his face away although his hold on Chanyeol tightens. Refusing to give up this battle of wills, Chanyeol large hands move to cup the firm curve of Baekhyun's backside and tilts his hips up to receive him more fully. He strikes in deep and he sees Baekhyun's lips part in a silent scream, eyes rolling back, and Chanyeol's sure he found something there. He repeats the motion, hitting that same spot and Baekhyun presses into Chanyeol's lower back, urging him closer.

"Say my name."

Baekhyn starts to shake his head and Chanyeol does it again, harder this time and he finally hears Baekhyun say his name through a broken sob. "Chanyeol."

There really is no going back after that. Both eager to finish. Both racing to completion before they get consumed with this unexpected heat between them. Chanyeol reaches down and touches Baekhyun's hard length. It only takes a swipe of his thumb across the slit and he is coming, crying out Chanyeol's name over and over.

The sounds Baekhyun’s making steadily pushes Chanyeol to the edge. He feels Baekhyun's spasm all around his cock and he's really so close, so close, so so close. It's too much. He loses his rhythm the same time he loses his mind as his climax crashes over him. He bites into Baekhyun's shoulder as unending waves of pleasure overtake him. He continues to thrust inside, pouring everything he's got into Baekhyun's welcoming body.

It takes a long time to recover. Chanyeol takes in deep breaths as his body trembles with the aftermath. He feels Baekhyun's frantic heartbeat against his chest. He looks down at the large bite mark on his shoulder and he feels a certain satisfaction at the thought that he has put his own mark on Byun Baekhyun. It's starting to bruise and Chanyeol runs his tongue across it, tasting the sweetness of his rose scented skin.

"You shouldn't have done that," Baekhyun whispers. "Yifan will see."

Chanyeol gazes into Baekhyun's eyes. There is a tinge of fear but he sees Baekhyun had wanted this, too.

He can't explain the spark that ignited inside him the instant he laid eyes on Byun Baekhyun. He finds he just can't let go. He throws away his suspicions and replaces them with a soft mouth and bright eyes. Park Chanyeol knows there are dire consequences; there will be hell to pay the morning after but for tonight--

"I don't care," he says before he captures Baekhyun's lips into a possessive kiss.

-this is literally me while writing this crap.

genre: ew, !fanfic, i hate you rei, length: oneshot, pairing: baekyeol, rating: nc-17

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