Catching up on the Luau some more!

Aug 14, 2009 13:07

I wanted to wait until I had a few of these so I could post them all at once and reduce the spam for my flist. ;D

Four drabbles/ficlets for former Queens!

For crowgirl, who requested divination.
Jacob, Richard; PG; 100 words; spoilers through "The Incident"(?)

The child studies each stone carefully before he reaches for one in the third row, fourth from the left, and turns it over.

"What does that symbol mean?"

Jacob had known Richard would choose that particular one.

"It's called an ankh," he explains. "It's the symbol of eternal life."

Richard's dark eyes widen. "Does that mean I'll live forever?"

"Would you like that?" Jacob asks seriously.

The boy considers this for a while, then he meets Jacob's gaze and nods. (Would it change his destiny if he'd said no?)

Jacob clears away the stones. He'll get his wish soon enough.

For tellshannon815, who requested the missing years.
Sawyer; PG; 110 words; spoilers through "LaFluer"

There was never supposed to be a Jim LaFluer.

It's easy to pretend - too easy, in fact, and that really should raise a red flag. But Locke will be back soon, Sawyer thinks, and this will be over.

Only Locke never comes back. And day after day Sawyer gets better at playing LaFluer.

Until one day he's not just Jim LaFluer anymore. He's Jim LaFluer, Head of Security. And that's when it hits him. He stares at himself in the mirror, donning a brand new jumpsuit that displays his title, hand shaking over the pistol on his belt, and wonders when the con became reality.

When did Sawyer become LaFluer?

For hitlikehammers, who requested airplanes.
Kate; PG; 150 words; "reset" fic; spoilers through "The Incident" to be safe;

Turbulence rocks the plane and jars her awake. Her head is spinning, her heart is pounding, and when she reaches up to rub her forehead handcuffs tug at her wrists.

And it feels wrong.

The plane lands and people fill the aisles but she can't move.

He gets up, reaches for his keys, when a voice behind him says, "excuse me".

"Excuse me," he says and moves out of the way so the girl can squeeze by, smiling at them. Kate's eyes land on the girl's pregnant belly and her own stomach lurches.

And she can't stop the tears that stream down her face as she watches the girl disappear down the aisle or the sobs that shake her whole body - and she doesn't care that Edward and everyone who passes by is staring at her.

Something is missing, will always be missing. But she never had it at all.

For roseys_fics, who requested Dan/Charlotte.
Daniel, Charlotte; PG; 250 words; spoilers through "The Variable"; includes dialog from S4 and S5 (some of it's sort of paraphrased because I couldn't remember the exact lines)

His heart stops beating. He stops moving, stops breathing. But he doesn't stop thinking.

Memories - faces, voices, words, phrases - come in bright, violent flashes, jumping from one to the other in no apparent order, and he tries in vain to make sense of it all (because it seems like it should make sense).

Secondary protocol. I'm calling my bloody constant. She and I are old friends. I suppose you're here for your bomb. Thirty-one minutes. Really bad jet lag. Doesn't scatter quite right. Morse Code. Don't tell me what I can't change. Three cards. Fifty years from now this island will still be here.

Charlotte. Charlotte. Charlotte.

That name keeps screaming in his mind, louder than everything else.

He almost remembers her.

He suddenly starts to wonder where he is, when he is, if he's any place or any time at all.

Then there's another voice, different and closer; it quiets the others and when he hears it the rest starts coming back.

I'm just making sure your father does what he's supposed to. I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner. It's okay, I won't tell. We are the variables. You sent me here anyway.

He opens his eyes. It's dark and all he can see is her sitting next to him. He reaches out and touches her face to make sure that she's real.

"Did it work?"

I'm going to detonate a hydrogen bomb.

She smiles a little. "If it did, neither of us would be here."

I hope you ladies enjoy these! :)

I should be catching up on reading and commenting in the next few days.

PS, before I forget: Happy Birthday to haldoor!! Hope you have good one! ♥

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