spn fic: sweet surprise [dean/cas/lisa]

Feb 19, 2013 16:40

title: sweet surprise [ao3]
pairing: Dean/Castiel/Lisa
rating: nc-17
summary: These two are going to be the death of him. established ot3, fluffiness, kitchen sex, pie, etc. for Kate, just because. and thank you to Pan for reading the crap i send her at 2 in the morning and telling me that it doesn't suck. ;)

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fic: spn: dean/castiel/lisa, fanfiction, fic: spn

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joyyjpg February 20 2013, 03:27:50 UTC
kjasdhfkjhkh I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT, BB. seriously idk, these ot3 feelings won't leave me alone and it's pretty much all your fault soooo. I LOVE YOU TOO KJAHSFKJH. :DDDD


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